Performance Marketing


Get Started with Performance Marketing with Digital Ratha

Digital Ratha is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Odisha. It has mastered many online marketing techniques, and performance marketing is one of them.

In the past, classification was nearly impossible. But now, data transparency enables marketers to optimize their marketing campaigns to perform better. That’s why it is called performance marketing.

What is Performance Marketing?

The term performance marketing is a digital marketing strategy that helps by showing results. In simple terms, it is an online campaign for which advertisers pay digital marketing firms to achieve results via clicks and conversions.

Compared to the organic and traditional forms of marketing, it is used for driving actions. It also tracks and measures those actions and attributes the ROI of every single asset and activity.  

Most advertisers rely on it because it gives back power to their hands. As an advertiser, you will determine the action first and then pay after the action has been provided, results-whether it is a sale, lead or click.   

How it is different from traditional marketing?

In the conventional form of marketing or advertising, the advertiser pays a fee upfront for ad space that is independent of performance.

It means spending hundreds or thousands of dollars without seeing results or conversions. But when it comes to performance marketing, advertisers only pay when they measure the advertising or marketing campaigns.

The advertisers can do so after going through the actual results like conversion, action, or transaction. So how are they able to do that? We are going to discuss that in our next section.

How are advertisers measure?

The defining element of performance marketing is Return on Investment or ROI. Advertisers measure every activity and action reported and analyzed all the pre-defined KPIs.

It is how advertisers understand all the campaign results and optimize them, further improving the performance of the marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, measurable ROI is the key to successful digital marketing, which is why it is essential to track it regularly.

There are tons of performance-measuring tools available in the market. You can choose any of them to give your campaigns time to gather data.

Try to gather more and more data by measuring your marketing campaigns with these tools. The deeper the insights, the more you can optimize accurately.  

What are the types of performance marketing?

Over time performance marketing has evolved because of new technology and changing consumer behavior. Moreover, in today’s performance-driven world, digital marketing is about hitting the right audience with a suitable device at the right time. All the appropriate tools and targeting options have advanced significantly. It gave performance marketers new ways to create high-performing campaigns for different types of audiences with other goals. Now take a look at all the types of services mentioned here:-

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is an integral part of performance marketing and worth your time and investment. SEM is a placement of paid ads on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is very effective as it exposes the user to highly targeted ads for the product or service of the business they are searching for. When the intent is high, there is a strong chance of capturing their attention and interest.

2. Native Advertising

Native advertising is the second-best marketing tactic in  performance marketing  that is gaining ground. It is more effective than display ads because they don’t look like ads. And the most interesting about Native ads is that they don’t disrupt the user’s browsing experience. With tools like Amplify dashboard, native advertising is highly measurable.

Moreover, by choosing a high-quality network, you can get excellent exposure on all the premium publisher sites. Besides that, it reaches high-quality traffic and audiences. Native advertising services is a perfect example because it helps advertisers create ad campaigns for a specific conversion goal and only pay for clicks or other conversion actions.  

Benefits of Performance Marketing?

It focuses on tracking and attribution. It gives marketers much more control over their budget and ROI. Hence, look at the three benefits.

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The campaign is set up with the explicit purpose of tracking and measuring. You can track performance with the help of numerous data analytics tools.

These tools are generally designed for performance marketers. These tools help them keep a finger on performance campaigns’ pulse.

It is also easy to adjust the tools to get better results.

2. Minimum Risk

Marketers know exactly what is going on with their performance campaigns at every stage. It puts them in a much better position to optimize and reduce risk whenever essential. You don’t have to push for approvals anymore.

3. ROI-centric

ROI guides performance marketing. Hence, the focus is always on the end goal of improving performance. It also ensures that performance campaigns are constantly moving towards better results. It also helps uplift the brand across all the metrics and boosts leads and sales.  

4. Budget-Friendly

New-age marketers know that it is much more budget-friendly than traditional advertising displays. Instead of paying the sum up-front regardless of the results, companies employing it will only pay after achieving the desired results.


  • Performance marketing allows you to measure everything from brand awareness to conversion rate to a single ad.
  • Advertisers look beyond branding to build market strategies with the proven ROI when advertising becomes more transparent.
  • It was born to fulfilling this need. With time, it is only turning more sophisticated and advanced.
  • If you are an advertiser, jump into performance marketing with Digital Ratha to reap the benefits of tracking, measurement, and optimization for your ROI.