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Instagram Will Enable Users to Create Custom Stickers from Still Images

Instagram Will Enable Users to Create Custom Stickers from Still Images

Explain all about the new option that Instagram has added

Instagram has just now added a new option that will enable you to cut out elements of still image posts that you can reuse as stickers in your own Stories and Reels.

What is the new ‘Create a cutout sticker’?

Instagram’s new “Create a cutout sticker” is available within the three dots menu to display on any publicly posted still image post.

When you activate it, Instagram’s system will identify the focus entity in the image that you can save as a separate sticker.

What you can do with the sticker?

You can then use that sticker in your Stories and Reels. It resembles the image cutout option that parent company Meta recently added to WhatsApp.

It could also provide a range of new creative opportunities. However, some limitations could restrict use.

For one, most of your Instagram feed is likely now video clips, so finding still image posts is more challenging than it had been.

What must you do to create a sticker from your feed post?

To create a sticker from a feed post, the creator must have posted publicly, while they must have enabled permissions for other users to develop cutouts from their content.

Users can switch this off and stop people from reusing their images via their settings. Moreover, you can also create a cutout sticker from someone else posts, and then that user deletes the original, and you will also lose your sticker.

State all the limitations in the process

The process has some limitations, but as noted, it could spark more creativity and new uses for visuals in the app.

The creative capacity is significant, and it will be interesting to see if people start using it and building their custom stickers from posts in the app.

It means that the Shuffles app of Pinterest will enable users to create collages similarly. It has been popular with specific user groups, particularly younger audiences, which leans into the same trend.

That may be a perfect sign. Either way, it is another consideration for your IG updates.

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