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WhatsApp Enhances Your Text Formatting with Custom Stickers

WhatsApp Enhances Your Text Formatting with Custom Stickers

What has been enhanced by WhatsApp with your text formatting?  

WhatsApp has added a new custom sticker creation option on iOS. It will enable you to edit images from your camera roll into unique visual combinations.

What the process will enable you to build?

The process will enable you to build your own digital stickers using existing WhatsApp add-ons and tools.

The capacity to create stickers from your images has been available in the app for around a year on iOS. It enables you to cut elements from photos for custom visuals.

But now, you can also add other elements like graphics, drawn-on updates, animated effects, and more. The process is pretty simple here.

First, create a sticker from an existing image in your device gallery, then customize it with whatever elements you like. You can also edit previously made stickers with this new process.

It could be a fun addition. It also drives engagement and interaction with interesting and creative elements.

On another front, WhatsApp is also rolling out new text formatting options on Android so that you can add code blocks, quotes, bullet points, and more.

The example here shows how you would format each within the text field and how it will appear in-stream.

As reported by WABetaInfo, the new formatting options have been available on iOS for some time but are now coming to Android.

It provides more options for your communications in the app.

Do you want to know more?  

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