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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Services

Create stunning mobile apps that give the ease of a full-web experience without making it clumsy for your users.

We design apps with UI/UX that’s ergonomic to a mobile user’s touch habits.

With ever growing mobile users many businesses perform better on mobile platforms than web. We enable brands to leverage mobile platforms to drive their sales and online presence.

Mobile trends are more demanding and we love to evolve with it. Our team of mobile app developers will build and deploy your business apps for Android, iOS and cross-platform to reduce development time and expense.

High-End Native and Hybrid Mobile App Development Services

We provide a full cycle of app design, integration and management services be it consumer oriented or a transformative enterprise-class solution, we offer full-fledged mobile app development process from ideation to delivery and then post-publish support services.

● Custom iOS and Android apps development
● Native and cross-platform solutions
● Mobile app UI/UX design
● Consulting and prototyping
● Automated and Manual QA
● Maintenance and post-warranty support

Platforms We Serve

Native Mobile App Development: Our mobile app developers build high-quality native apps for both Android and iOS systems which are aligned with your business and security requirements.

iOS App Development:

● iPhone App Development
● iPad App Development
● Apple Watch App Development
● Apple TV App Development
● App Clips Development

Android App Development:

● Android Mobile App Development
● Android TV App Development
● Android Tablet App Development
● Android Wear App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development:

Our team can also develop hybrid or cross-platform apps which can work in different operating systems but will be developed only once using cross-platform app development framework such as PhoneGap, Xamarin, React Native etc.

● Hybrid Mobile App Development
● Hybrid Tablet App Development
● Hybrid TV App Development

Progressive Web App Development: We create advanced web apps that deliver a native-like capabilities, stability and experience at the same time reaching anyone on any device with a single codebase.

● Cross-browser Web App Development
● Responsive Web App Development
● Offline Web App Development

Wearables and Embedded Software: We also create companion apps for a number of wearable devices and integrate with smart devices and peripherals such as smartwatches, fitness bands, smart-glasses, smart jewellery etc.

● AndroidWear Development
● WatchOS Development

Industries We Serve

● Construction
● mHealth
● Retail & Commerce
● FinTech
● Travel & Hospitality
● Insurance

Emerging Mobile App Development Technologies We Employ

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Use AI-based algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning to automate various tedious and time-consuming operations by collecting insights from Big Data.

Internet of Things (IoT): We use IoT devices to monitor operations in a secure infrastructure. We will gather Big Data to help you streamline your business operations, gain insights and improve decision making.

Blockchain: Our app developers make use of private blockchain to make business data more secure, automate key business operations with Smart Contracts, to create a blockchain-based marketplace for global customers.

Cloud Computing: We use Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud solutions to make the business environment flexible, scalable, and connected. Our expertise in applications development services can enable you to move your mobile strategy to the cloud.

Big Data: We create a scalable way to consistently boost your business intelligence, develop a reliable way to analyse data and give employees a convenient way to visualise and understand customer preference and trends.

Augmented Reality: We build 3D prototypes in AR, implement AR enterprise training software, AR meeting application, AR app modifications etc to efficiently carry out operations and help you cut costs.

Our Mobile App Development Process

● Project Discovery
● Project Initiation
● Project Development
● UAT Testing
● MVP Launch
● Product Launch