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10 Tips to Write a Catchy Headline That Gets More Clicks

In this era, brands and bloggers are using clickbait to lure viewers to check their blogs. 

Here comes the harsh truth. 

Among 10 people only 6 people check your blog headline and then read your blog. As per the survey among them, only 49% of the viewer read blogs and articles. 

Writing catchy blog titles, social media captions, and beyond that is a valuable skill, you need to acquire. 

Here we will discuss 10 tips to write catchy headlines that get you more clicks.   

Tips to Write Catchy Headlines 

Your blog headline plays an essential role to lure your potential readers. 

We all know how important the first impression is, especially for readers. 

Having an average headline isn’t a bad thing but the problem some viewers might ignore it and it’s easily forgettable. 

Here are the secrets to catching the reader’s attention through your headline. 

Look at Google Search Results

eye-catching headline examples

First, you have to find relevant keywords and then search in Google what kind of title your competitors are using in their blogs. 

To write a compelling blog title a few questions you can ask yourself. 

What kind of blog title catches the reader’s attention? 

What is the user intent? 

What are the top results on the search engine result page? 

If you want to be on the first page on Google then you have to understand the user intention and what type of content is updated on Google. 

Numbers & Digits Grab Attention

The number is the best way to grab user attention. 

When we came across numbers it easily caught our attention and make us pause for a few seconds. The human brain easily recognizes numbers because numbers make it easier for our brains to organize information. 

Make sure to add numbers to grab user’s attention and get more traffic to your web page to grow your business. 

Build an Emotional Connection 

eye-catching headline examples

Titles that connect with the reader’s emotions work better than simple and non-catchy titles.

Using the right words to evoke the reader’s emotions in their mind. For example, you write a title that makes readers curious or dreadful so they click on the blog to resolve their curiosity. 

The elements that you can use to trigger the reader’s emotions. 

Use Names 

It is a quite popular method that many brands follow this strategy to get more clicks.  

For example: when you are writing SEO-related updates or topics then use the “Google” name in your headline that can get you more click.    

It also has some problems like the name you are planning to use in your headline it should be well-known among your readers.   

Make sure that the name you are planning to use it should be relevant to your niche. 

Optimize Your Headline for Search Engine 

eye-catching headline examples

It is an essential part of SEO otherwise, viewers can’t find your blog when they search for something relevant. 

While writing the blog well-optimized headlines is essential part so Google can understand the context of your headline as well as the blog and then suggest viewers.  

A few elements that Google considers as authentic and higher authority blog pages.  

Here are a few tips to optimize your title. 

In the first step add your primary keyword in the title. That makes it easier for crawlers to crawl through your content. 

Otherwise, you can use title generator tools or take references to write better headlines. 

Multiple Headline Choices 

eye-catching headline examples

We all know that the first few headlines you came up with might not be good or bold. 

We suggest you write a minimum of 6 or 7 headlines per blog.    

Here are a few elements that can help you create catchy headlines. 

Use various analytic tools to check your headline SEO score. 

Utilise Unique Rotational 

As per a recent survey 59% of the brands and blog owners don’t review or conduct grammar checks before posting their blog. If you are one of them then I will suggest you don’t do it. 

Google prioritizes those content that is authentic, informative, and helpful to its users.  

Give users a reason why they should read your blog and how it is beneficial for them then only they will click, read, and take action. 

Here are a few eye-catching headline examples   

Ask Questions 

eye-catching headline examples

This strategy always works and the majority of brands as well as bloggers use this strategy to lure readers to check their blogs. 

Here’s how its works. 

If you use titles such as How much money does a digital marketer make? Readers get curious and click on the title to read your blog. 

That is one of the easiest ways to lure readers to your blog page. 

Doesn’t it sound simple? And these titles easily get viral. 

Sprout Social mentioned that question blog titles work like a natural call to action that every reader gets curious and clicks on it to find a satisfactory answer. 

Here are a few examples that you can utilize to create a questionable title for your blog. 

Otherwise, visit sites like Quora and Reddit to find relevant questions or get some ideas to create compelling headlines. 

Get Personal With Your Audience 

eye-catching headline examples

While creating the blog title you can use words like you, I, we, and yourself to connect with the reader personally. 

What I want to say is you have to refer to your company as I and your readers as you. It is the best way to connect with your readers. 

You can easily get the reader’s attention by implementing this strategy on your blog.  

A few weeks back we have written a  blog “Only WordPress SEO strategy you need”. In that blog, you refer to readers. 

This is an effective strategy to connect with the readers and personalize with them. 

Experiment with Different Headline Lengths   

eye-catching headline examples

Writing a catchy headline is a skill that not many people has it. 

You probably heard the term, practice makes men perfect so I don’t know about the perfect part but I can assure you that you can write click-worthy headlines. 

Here’s a catch, after all that still confused about your headline then try out different types of headlines. 

By utilizing the data you can find out which headlines are working and which are not. 

Follow Formulas

On the internet, you can find out hundreds of ideas and techniques to create the best headlines. 

A few of them will work for you and others might not. 

You have to try out each method then only you can find out a suitable method that works for you. 

Tilise Tools 

On the internet, you can find hundreds of tools take advantage of it to create compelling headlines. By utilizing these tools you can find in-depth information and resources and implement it to optimize your keywords.


After reading this blog I’m sure you might get an idea of how to write a catchy title for your blog. Share with others so they can also learn how to write a catchy headline to get more clicks. 


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