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Google Clarifies How Algorithm Chooses Snippet Features

Google Clarifies How Algorithm Chooses Snippet Features

In a recent update, Google provided snippet documentation to clarify, how Google’s algorithm chooses what to display as a snippet feature section in search results. 

This new update might affect how we write titles and descriptions to optimise content. 

Google Search Results Snippets 

Feature Snippet is a feature that appears on top of the search results page and provides a concise description of what the page is about. Previously feature snippets were derived from meta-descriptions but now this isn’t the case because the source of snippets is overall page content. 

Google Snippet Feature Guidance 

In the recent Google updated a search central documentation that clarifies meta description and structure data aren’t the only sources for the Google snippet feature.  

What It Means for SEO 

These days many SEO guides mislead users, the best way to optimise your website is by adding advertising copy and keywords to it. These guides also mentioned that keywords shown in SERP are bolded making it stand out from the competitors and lure users to take action. This is 100% wrong advice, to prevent this Google-introduced new update.  


Through this new update, Google wants to clarify meta title isn’t the only source Google is using to choose content for feature snippets. If you find this blog useful then feel free to share it with others. 

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