Twitter Blue Subscribers: Get 10K Character Tweets Now! Twitter Blue Subscribers: Get 10K Character Tweets Now! Sumitra Sahoo, Today at 11:25
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Twitter Blue Subscribers

Twitter Blue Subscribers: Get 10K Character Tweets Now!

Twitter has added another new element to its Twitter Blue subscription package. All Blue subscribers can write tweets up to 10K long characters.


Besides that, they can also utilize text formatting options such as bold and Italics, hence providing more creative opportunities.


According to the new Twitter head, it is cool. Several users are unsure if anyone would like to read 10K character tweets, but still, it is so nice to have that kind of option.


All the Twitter Blue subscribers already possess the privilege to post their tweets up to 4K characters in length, allowing them to share more in-depth posts.


But even these posts are a little annoying, with the tweets cut off after the first 280 characters in the stream. You will have to tap through to read the rest; that feels counter-intuitive for Twitter and its traditional UI.


Meanwhile, Twitter chief Elon Musk seems convinced that a key barrier to people posting longer content in the app is the existing length restrictions, which is why he has decided to remove them and expand whatever is possible.


It will see more users sharing more of their original content to the platform directly instead of linking people off to their WordPress website or YouTube in the case of video uploads.


Another element of Twitter Blue is allowing subscribers to post videos up to 60 minutes long. Whether users want to lean back and watch an hour-long clip in the tweet feed remains to be seen.


Twitter will keep developing several new updates to improve itself for its more than a billion users worldwide. We keep on updating you about Twitter.


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