Important Instagram analytic that will boost your Instagram marketing
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Instagram marketing

Important Instagram analytic that will boost your Instagram marketing

For successful Instagram marketing, you must keep tabs on all your initiatives’ performances.  It is essential for your social media marketing to work, especially when you are dealing with Instagram.


It will help you a lot and let you know when you must adjust to a strategy or need a new idea to work on.


If you are serious about boosting your sales via Instagram marketing, you must work on your Instagram Analytics.


So let’s start by understanding Instagram analytics, which is important for marketing and boosting sales.



Why is Instagram Analytics so important??

Instagram analytics are so important for Instagram marketing because they are the best way to understand your audience and when they are most active on Instagram.


Instagram analytics also comes in handy in understanding what kind of content they engage with most on Instagram.


This level of insight is highly important for creating a precise content strategy that will drive results for your brand and business.


Without analytics, you will be in the dark.  You won’t be able to gather the info on the social media audience to target the specific people who are fit for Instagram marketing.


You can hire an Instagram marketing agency that will do the job for you and knows a lot about Instagram analytics and also knows it very well how it works.


Nevertheless, finding the right metrics to track and knowing how to understand them can be much easier said than done.


According to Instagram analytics, every brand or business has specific goals.  Such as growing the follower count to increase clicks and conversions.


Working with Instagram analytics also means that one of the most vital metrics differs on a case-by-case basis.  Once you have clarified all your goals, you can get so much more from your Instagram Analytics.


Thus, you will have clear objectives to monitor in your social media reporting.  So, now this understanding of Instagram analytics takes us to the next question: how to access Instagram Insights.


How to access Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights, also known as Instagram’s in-app analytics, are only available to business or creator profiles.  It is one of the several reasons we recommend switching to an Instagram business or a creator profile.


Once you have an Instagram business or a creator profile, you can easily access your analytics through the insights tab in the Instagram app.

You can start by tapping the menu icon in the top right corner of your profile and then clicking on the insights tab.  It will open the analytics for your business or creator profile.


Apart from that, you can tap on the Insights button on your profile page to open it.  Once the Insights on the Instagram page is open, you can find a ton of metrics and analytics for your posts, stories, and your audience’s demographics.


How to access Analytics with Instagram’s Analytics Dashboard?

Alongside the native analytics of Instagram, the features of Instagram analytics provides you with a visual overview of how all your posts and stories are performing.


For a creator or user like you, it is an easy-to-use dashboard.  You will find all the must-have analytics from Instagram in a digestible format, along with several extra data points.


These extra data points include your best time to post and track up to 12 months of Instagram feed posts and stories.


Due to the dashboard, you can see which of your Instagram feed posts and stories are performing well.  Now you can filter all the key metrics such as likes, reach, comments, and many more.


In addition, Instagram analytics have separate “post-performance” and “Story performance” dashboards.


Now you can be able to see how exactly every channel is driving value for your brand.  No other questions will explore how Instagram analytics becomes useful in boosting your Instagram marketing sales.


In this direction, let’s go through some of the questions that will help you to understand Instagram analytics deeply:-


How to use Instagram Audience Analytics?

Audience analytics is a good way to understand whom you are talking to.  Here, you can tailor your content strategy and posting times accordingly.


You can open the Insights tab on Instagram, then scroll down to “your audience” and tap “See all.” From here, you will be able to see an overview of your “follower breakdown” for up to 90 days, including:-


How to Access Feed Post Analytics?

There are two different ways to access your feed post analytics on Instagram:-


From here on, you can be able to sort up to 2 years of feed posts based on a whole range of metrics such as:-


Point to note

You can see more options if you have enabled Instagram’s shopping features.



If you want a more detailed performance overview, tap “view insights” below a published post.  From here, you will be able to see all the main or major metrics like:-


Every metric provides invaluable insight into your account.  For example:-


Thus, if you notice many impressions from the metric known as the “from hashtags.” It means you are into a winning formula with your hashtag strategy.


Point to note

The performance of the Detailed Hashtag feature is available on growth and advanced plans of Instagram’s analytics.


What is Instagram Stories Analytics?

Instagram stories analytics are similar to Instagram feed posts.  You can discover it through the insights tab or by swiping it on the live Instagram story.


You can scroll down to ‘Content You Shared’ on the Insights tab.  Then you can tab the arrow alongside all your past stories.  From here onwards, you can sort out up to 90 days of stories based on all the following metrics are as follows:-


Reviewing the performance of all your stories is a great way to understand what kind of Instagram Stories work best for your brand.


For instance, posts with the strongest impressions contain Instagram Stories stickers, a sign that this strategy resonates with your audience.


Hence to get a more detailed performance overview, swipe on a life story and select the insights on the left-hand side of the screen.


Now, here you can see:-


Now, if you pay close attention to the Exited metric, you can indicate exactly where your audience lost interest in your content.  Now based on these indicators, you will avoid harmful content in the future.


Point to note

Instagram Stories Analytics will allow you to track and sort up to 12 months of detailed performance data in an easy-to-use dashboard.


Additionally, Instagram analytics calculates the completion rate of your Instagram Stories.  It is the percentage of viewers that watched all your stories without exiting, and it is a metric that isn’t available in the Instagram app.


What could you say about Instagram Reel Analytics?

Instagram Reels Analytics are reasonably a new addition to the insights tab.  To access them, you have to open the Instagram Insights menu.


Otherwise, you can open a specific reel and tap the three-dot icon.  The metrics of Instagram Reels Analytics include plays, Reel interactions, Reach, Likes, Comments, and Saves.


Point to note

The entire view count contains views about reels shared with Instagram stories.


What do you know about Instagram Video Analytics?

You can view the performance of two years of videos through Instagram’s Insights tab.  It is similar to your Instagram feed posts.


You must scroll down to “content you shared” and tap the arrow alongside the video tab.  After that, you will be able to filter and rank your videos based on several performance metrics:-

Assessing all the videos that have kept your viewers hooked and engaged will make you realize what kind of content you should constantly create.


More engagement with your audience means you are more likely to carry forward with the Instagram algorithm.


Hence all these Instagram metrics and features make Instagram analytics important and are thus needed to boost your Instagram marketing.


But if you don’t know how to use Instagram analytics, you can take the help of the best Instagram marketing agency in Bhubaneswar.


Let’s look at some of the benefits that make Instagram analytics so important for social media marketers today.


These benefits of Instagram analytics are as follows:-

With the help of Instagram analytics, you can access valuable data.  Now you can easily learn about the posts your followers like the most.


With its help, you can also know the best time to post your photos and videos and determine which post gets more engagement.


Such information is very useful for you and helps you give the best performance and beat your competitors in business.


Equipped with accurate audience information in your hand, you can be able to plan your best strategy to get more successful in Instagram campaigns.


On Instagram, it is easy to produce user-generated content from your audience.  You already know that many popular brands regularly promote user-generated content submitted by their loyal customers.


The user-generated content on Instagram is essential to building trust for your brand and products, and it is because people trust each other more than they trust businesses.


With the information related to the audience in your hand, you can pay the best strategy to be more successful in your business campaigns.


You will need to spend most of your productive time understanding something.  Hence, you cannot provide to do this regularly when you have your own business to manage.


But luckily, Instagram analytics offers some useful insights for helping you to save your valuable productive time.


Using Instagram Analytics, you can use all the data to figure out which of your content is working and which content needs to be modified to get better Instagram engagement.


With the help of Instagram analytics, you can do your research and review activities to allocate time and resources as effectively as possible to promote your brand.



In today’s social media market, Instagram marketing plays a huge role in expanding and popularizing the business, and without Instagram Analytics, it is not at all possible.


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