Everything You Need to Know About Twitter's Verification System
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Twitter's New Verification System

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter’s Verification System

Elon Musk is trying to boost the subscription revenue of Twitter by brute force. The platform is now informing all its advertisers to sign up to either Twitter Blue or Verification for Organizations to keep running ads in the app.


It now means that all the brands will have to pay Twitter $8 per month for a blue tick or $1,000 per month for its Verification for Organizations offering through brands.


These organizations already spending ‘more than $1,000 per month’ will soon be given gold checkmarks automatically.


It is not a massive imposition for big corporations in terms of cost. The cheapest option would be to buy a Twitter Blue subscription for your brand.


It will cost your business an extra $96 per year if you plan to run Twitter ads, which is unlikely to impact your annual budget greatly.


You will also get a verified tick for your brand account, which could give your brand more legitimacy in the app. But then again, even celebrities are trying to eliminate their blue ticks.


They are doing so due to concerns about the negative stigma of paying for it. The checkmark does not communicate the same level of authority or trust that it once used to command.


The checkmark can be bought by anyone as there is no checking process involved and no verification in Musk’s Twitter Blue process.


It means that someone else could also register your brand name and get a blue tick. Twitter has added an ‘impersonation defense’ element to its Verification for Organizations package to combat this.


This package will ensure the following:-


Although, you will not have to pay $1000 per month or $12000 per year for all these benefits. Compared to that, Twitter Blue at $8 does not offer the same benefits to celebrities.


Thus, these protections and bonuses are of little benefit to all the SMBs advertising in the app and will be increasingly vulnerable and open to impersonation.


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