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Twitter Expands Community Notes To More Regions

Good news or not, Twitter continues to expand its ‘Community Notes Feature’ that Twitter chief Elon Musk believes is the key element in establishing the platform’s new ‘Trust as a Service’ approach.

By introducing all these new features in the app, Twitter is just trying to become a critical provider of truth in news and information.

As it is one of the noble aims of Twitter, it is only about time to see how the community notes will play out that is yet to be seen.

As per the announcement, some UK, Ireland, Australian and New Zealand users will now be admitted into the ‘Community Notes Program’.

It will greatly expand the local knowledge and input feeding into the notes system. Twitter was working to build community notes that were previously known as Birdwatch.
It was supposed to be a crowd-sourced fact-checking platform inside the Twitter app. It was meant to reduce its internal obligations in moderating content.

It will empower Twitter users themselves to decide what is acceptable and what is not. All the ‘approved notes’ contributors can add contextual explainers attached to the tweets.

Hence, enabling all Twitter users to rate notes as helpful or not. It will only help further in influencing the Notes creator’s trustworthiness and capacity for continuing to add notes.

Elon is pushing hard to make ‘Community Notes’ work, and it perfectly makes sense as he has already removed thousands of moderators as part of his cost-cutting measures.

But, still, there is a major concern with the community notes. According to some reports, using user community notes can over-simplify complex issues. With notes, it might seem right, but it doesn’t tell the complete story.

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