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YouTube Updates Its Policy on Impersonation

YouTube Updates Its Policy on Impersonation

YouTube is changing its impersonation policy to combat rising deception and impersonation in the app.

The updated rules will require fan channels to clearly state that they are not affiliated with the entity that they are supporting.

According to YouTube, If you operate a fan channel, then you have to make sure that you have to state your channel name or handle explicitly.

It should be obvious to your viewers that your channel does not represent the original creator, artist or entity that your channel is celebrating.

YouTube further explains that the more specific focus of the change is to stop users from re-posting other people’s content and presenting it as their own.

For example, channels claiming to be a ‘fan account’ but posing as another channel and re-uploading their content would not be allowed.

Another example would be channelling with the same name, avatar, or banner as another channel. Here, the only difference is a space inserted in the name or replacing a zero instead of the letter O. All such things will not be allowed anymore.

The updated policy also notes that any violations will result in immediate termination of the offensive account instead the old ‘three-strike system’ for related offenses.

YouTube is seen as a rise in channels re-uploading content from popular creators and presenting themselves as the original poster to build a monetizable audience in the app.

This trend is present across most video platforms, with TikTok and Instagram also seeing popular TV show clips and trending content re-posted many times as users try any way they can to maximize their audience reach.

This revised policy approach will give YouTube more freedom to ban this behavior instantly. It could be a bigger disincentive for those looking to use and exploit others’ work.

It will be interesting to see how YouTube looks to action this and what impact that could have on its content ecosystem.

YouTube says the updated rules will take effect from August 21, 2023.

You can read more about YouTube’s impersonation policy update here.

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