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YouTube Tests User Experiences with AI-Generated Quizzes

YouTube Tests User Experiences with AI-Generated Quizzes

It is interesting.

YouTube is testing a new quiz option in the mobile app. It is well-designed to help users learn more about topics of interest, while it also allows YouTube to understand better how well each video covers a given subject.

The project will also use generative AI to develop questions to test your understanding. It is based on clips you have watched in the app.

YouTube says that If a viewer in the experiment might see AI-generated quizzes that start to pop up on your app homepage, then these quizzes will test your understanding of a subject covered in a video the user has recently watched.

If you take a quiz, a link to the recently watched video will appear under it so you can easily navigate back to learn more about the topic.”

So, it is like schoolwork, but on YouTube and created by AI.

That sounds overly appealing.

The experiment sounds like an offshoot of YouTube’s ‘Study Hall’ initiative. It will launch earlier this year and aims to provide more direct education opportunities via the YouTube app.

This new test also relates to educational content, with the latest AI quizzes displayed to viewers who have watched several educational videos in the app. It helps to solidify their knowledge of a given topic.

Would that be of interest to you? Would you want to be tested on your knowledge of a given subject?

Some users guess this is an excellent way to embed education, as opposed to people using the internet as their memory or brain in some cases.

With all of the world’s knowledge accessible on our mobile devices 24/7, there is little need to retain lots of data inside your head.

And this is a way to facilitate learning by gamifying the entire process and getting people to commit more critical lessons to memory.

In that sense, it could be an exciting element though it will depend on users taking the tests.

Some people suspect that YouTube will only see actual take-up if it adds a leaderboard or similar to gamify the process. Still, with unique AI-generated quizzes, it may not be possible.

It is easier to say by seeing it in action, which you may do if you watch educational clips in the app.

YouTube says the experiment is getting run with a small percentage of viewers on iOS and Android.

You can click here for more details and updates on YouTube and other social media platforms.

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