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YouTube Tests the Impact of Hyper-linked Keywords in Video Comments

YouTube Tests the Impact of Hyper-linked Keywords in Video Comments

YouTube is launching a new test to see search hyperlinks added to certain keywords within YouTube comments to drive improved discovery and connect users to related content.

The whole thing sounds a little unnecessary, but YouTube says that if a viewer wants to learn more about a topic or product, they will find it in a comment section.

They must navigate away from the video they are watching to learn more.

YouTube is experimenting with new hyperlinked keywords in comments to reduce friction for viewers looking to discover new and relevant content on the platform.

So it’s designed to keep your search activity in a stream instead of you having to go looking for yourself.

YouTube says that phrases or single words in comments that ‘encourages exploration’ will be hyperlinked within the test.

Clicking on a link will initiate a new YouTube search with that term, navigating users to the search results page. To avoid interruption, the video will stay playing in the mini-player.

YouTube determines linked keywords; based on this, users are likely to want to explore further.

The links cannot be added or modified by the commenter though creators can remove links on their video comments if they like.

Viewers can also opt out of the experiment if they prefer their comments not to be hyperlinked.

It’s an interesting experiment, though some are not sure that it will have a pile of practical value.

Random searches based on keywords may not likely come up with targeted results, but then again, it might be helpful and helps drive more discovery in the app.

Some users guess it is worth a test, at least.

In addition, YouTube is also making community posts viewable on tablets.

It is also adding a new metric in YouTube Analytics that will show how many users have opted into reminders for your upcoming live streams or premieres.

Finally, YouTube is also updating its Channel Memberships functionality. Managers can now manage Channel Memberships in the Studio mobile app. It was previously only available on desktop.

These are relatively small updates compared to hyperlinks in comments, but each will have its value and purpose for YouTube managers.

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