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YouTube Tests Subsidiary Insights for Educational Videos

YouTube Tests Subsidiary Insights for Educational Videos

What is the YouTube’s Subsidiary Insights for Educational Videos?     

YouTube is testing a new process highlighting key concepts covered in education-focused videos. It will provide more information about these specific elements in-stream to enhance the learning value of the content.

The new system aims to provide more context about key lessons and topics. It will help people looking to better understand all that via sub-descriptions, diagrams, and more.

What does YouTube state about the subsidiary insights for educational videos?

YouTube further states that they are testing a new and automatic way to identify key concepts covered in academic learning videos.

YouTube also says that it will help them get more information about these concepts in the form of images and short text snippets in real-time directly on the video’s watch page.

It is being tested on a small set of English-language videos related to educational topics. These topics are taught in schools across subjects such as biology, physics and chemistry.

Where will the experiment take place, and how?

The experiment will take place on mobile only for a limited number of people watching YouTube daily.

It is similar to another experiment that Google runs in Search. It uses AI to highlight specific terms within a description and offers more context for those terms.

What is the idea behind these supplementary learnings on YouTube?

Providing these supplementary learnings within the descriptions will save people from opening a new window or app or clicking away from the main content. It will make sure that they fully understand the description as presented.

It could be helpful and save you time as you use YouTube for research purposes.

The test is in limited beta and will only appear on educational videos.

So, you might not see it in the wild. But it will likely become a more common element of educational content in the app, adding more elements to the YouTube learning experience.

Creators can opt out of the new descriptions if they choose wisely.

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