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YouTube Rolls Out a Range of UI Updates to Enhance Your Experience

YouTube Rolls Out a Range of UI Updates to Enhance Your Experience

What is YouTube rolling out to enhance your experience?

YouTube has announced a raft of new UI updates. These updates are designed to make it easier to control your viewing experience.

It will likely lead to significant experience improvements in various ways without upending the entire YouTube interaction process.

What is the Stable Volume Option?

First off, YouTube is launching a new stable volume option. It will ensure that the volume of the videos you watch remains consistent, so you don’t suddenly get blasted with a loud ad or video clip.

Stable volume will be turned on by default for all users, though you can switch it off if you prefer a level of latent chaos.

What more is YouTube doing?

YouTube also makes it easier to skim through video clips with a new intuitive control option to switch to 2x playback whenever you press and hold down anywhere on the player.

Once you get to the part of the video you want, let go! This feature will be available across the web, tablets, and mobile devices.

What more is YouTube adding?

YouTube is also adding bigger preview thumbnails while you seek through a clip.

It will make it easier to find specific moments, while it will now revert to the point in the video from where you started searching if you want to resume viewing from the same spot.

If you start seeking and need to return, move your finger to where you started and lift when you feel a vibration. We will snap you back to the exact part of the video where you left off.

It also adds a new lock screen option on mobile and tablets to avoid messing up your playback on mobile devices.

What is the new “You” tab of YouTube?

While it is also simplifying its UI, launching a new “You” tab will incorporate both your library and account pages into one.

As of now, all of your watch history info and your settings will be on a single page. It will make it easier to understand how to access each.

Your “You” tab will also include a log of your playlists, downloads, purchases, and channel information in one centralized feed.

Compared to the current maze of YouTube menus and options, it is a good update.

What more does YouTube have in its store for its users?

YouTube is also releasing a new option that will enable you to hum a tune into the app and have it find the track if it can.

YouTube previewed the functionality back in August, and it could be a fun new interactive element. It could spark recent viral trends.

YouTube says that the option will be rolling out “in the next few weeks” and will be available on Android only initially. YouTube is also adding new animations for specific actions in the app.

When creators ask viewers to “like” or “subscribe,” a visual cue on those buttons will appear in sync with the video. And once fans smash that button, a subtle explosion of playful sparkles will reward them.

Along with this, top comments will also get a new animation to highlight them better in-stream, while video view and like counts will now also update in real-time for the first 24 hours, adding more moving elements on-screen.

And people do love shiny, flashing things.

What is the menu format, and what updates will YouTube make?  

Finally, YouTube is also updating the menu format in the YouTube app on Smart TVs. It will now display details about a video you watch in a vertically-aligned feed.

The new details format is better aligned to the large screen display. It is giving more consideration to people now watching YouTube videos on their TV sets.

These are some handy options that will help increase the app’s functionality in a range of subtle ways. It may be the most innovative part.

Rather than add new tools that require significant behavioral changes, YouTube has aligned its updates with how people already use the app.

It will improve the experience instead of changing it and confusing people. YouTube also says these new updates will be rolled out gradually to users everywhere “over the coming weeks.”

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