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YouTube Launches Test of Vertical Live Stream Presentation Format

YouTube Launches Test of Vertical Live Stream Presentation Format

What is YouTube going to launch?

YouTube is looking to lean further into vertical video by testing its mobile app’s new full-screen viewing experience for live streams.

What does YouTube say about it?

YouTube is experimenting with a new full-screen viewing experience on vertical live streams for mobile viewers. It is a unique, sheer live experience. It includes a scrollable live stream feed and is easily accessible for fan funding features.

During this experiment, creators can stream vertically. It is either on mobile devices with the YouTube app or through desktop streaming software.

Their vertical streams will be visible to eligible viewers browsing Shorts on the YouTube app.

So, similar to YouTube or IG, some YouTube users will soon be able to view full-screen live content. It will be a more immersive and engaging experience in the mobile app.

What is the current status of YouTube’s Live Streams?

Currently, YouTube live streams are presented in YouTube’s regular letterbox format. It also puts more emphasis on the live chat by showing both on screen.

But with the new format, YouTube was previewed early last month. It will fill the whole screen, with comments overlaid on top.

The new full-screen lives will also be shown within the Shorts stream. So, like TikTok, as you scroll through, you might come across full-screen live sessions if you can tap into them for engagement.

Is it YouTube’s latest effort to tap into the popularity of shorts?  

This format is the latest effort of YouTube to tap into the popularity of Shorts. It has been YouTube’s fastest-growing content format for the past two years.

Back in February, YouTube reported that Shorts had surpassed 50 billion daily views in the app.

It has encouraged more people to come to the platform for a different type of content. YouTube is looking to lean into this new-found interest of people with new display options.

Although, it is not the first time YouTube has tried out full-screen lives.

Back in 2016, YouTube added full-screen live broadcasts to keep up, at that time, with Periscope and Meerkat.

The initial live-streaming fad was short-lived, and YouTube depreciated the option shortly after. However, it has continued to enhance its landscape format live streams with more full-screen functionality.

What is YouTube saying now?

YouTube is saying it is launching its new vertical live-stream format in limited testing for now. YouTube is further looking for further expansion that is coming soon.

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