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YouTube Announces Requirement for Tagging for AI-Generated Content

YouTube Announces Requirement for Tagging for AI-Generated Content

Why does YouTube want to tag AI-generated content?

YouTube is the latest platform to implement labels on AI-generated content, with the video leader looking to get ahead of the expected generative AI wave with new tagging requirements for creators.     

What does YouTube say about it?

Over the coming months, YouTube will introduce updates informing viewers when the content they see is synthetic. 

Specifically, YouTube will require all creators to disclose when they have created any altered or synthetic content that is realistic. It includes using AI tools, too. 

This new requirement will mean that creators must indicate when a video contains altered or synthetic content that looks realistic. 

For example, this could be an AI-generated video that realistically depicts an event that never happened or content showing someone saying or doing something they did not do.  

What YouTube is trying to say?

YouTube says AI-generated animations would be pleasing, but depictions of real people and events must be tagged.

What are the consequences associated with it?

Failure to do so will result in penalties, including removal, suspension from monetization, and even account suspension, in the worst of cases.     

Will YouTube stay reliant on moderators for detecting AI-generated fakes? 

In many cases, YouTube will still rely on moderators to detect and raise cases of AI-generated fakes as a concern.    

Can the threat of removing channels from YouTube dissuade users from posting AI-generated fakes?

 The threat of removal of your channel, page, or profile from YouTube ultimately will be more than enough to dissuade many channels from posting AI-generated fakes. 

It won’t deter coordinated disinformation groups funded by foreign governments, some of which create thousands of YouTube channels yearly. 

Still, it is a significant enforcement step that provides more transparency in generative AI use either way.     

What more is YouTube saying about its generative tools? 

YouTube says it automatically tags any content created with its generative AI tools. 

What more is YouTube adding an addition?

In addition, YouTube is adding new removal request processes for people and musicians whose likenesses are used in AI creations posted to the app.   

What is YouTube doing about its generative AI music creation? 

The musician’s element is interesting, considering that YouTube works with record labels on a new process to facilitate generative AI music creation within specific parameters. 

Clearly, given the role that YouTube plays in music discovery, this is a significant area of concern, and the new process will provide another means of enforcement for potential violations.

Both Meta and TikTok have also implemented tags for AI-generated content. It provides more transparency and clarity for viewers in-stream.     

What are your expectations of YouTube’s tagging on generative AI tools?  

It will be expected to become even more critical in the coming years as generative AI tools evolve and manufactured video tools become mainstream.

We don’t know what the full impacts of that will behave yet to determine, but tags, as an essential requirement, are an essential initial step.  

Do you want to know more?

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