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x Users Can Now Participate in Spaces Streams via Desktop PC

X Users Can Now Participate in Spaces Streams via Desktop PC

What are Space Streams, and how will X users participate in it via desktop PC?

The re-branded X app has been tested for some time. But now, X Spaces users can log in as a speaker on a desktop. So, it provides another way to engage in the platform’s audio chats.

Users can now request to speak through the platform’s desktop version. It provides another good way to link into the experience of the space.

Users of the X app were listening in to Spaces chats on desktop PCs for some time. But some cannot participate, as spaces were built around mobile functionality. It includes a portable mic too.

It has been a limiting factor for podcasters and those who want to use higher-end audio equipment with the mobile mic. It offers a different level of customization and control in-stream.

The X team has been working to address this since May as part of its broader push to facilitate more creation in the app.

It will help attract more exclusive broadcasts in-stream. For now, spaces on desktop versions are fully-functional. Some users have reported it being glitchy at present.

At the same time, the X team is also working to improve the platform’s Media Studio tools. It could provide even more options for professional audio equipment in Spaces streams.

X CTO Elon Musk said new features will be coming to Media Studio soon. It is expected to include more advanced live-streaming tools. These tools will facilitate better video and audio streams.

It will also provide even more ways to utilize Spaces for professional broadcasts. However, they will be ‘X Blue’ exclusive tools, as Media Studio is now a paid-only feature.

But if you are serious about streaming, and X plays a crucial part in your audience connection, then it will be welcome news.

And ideally, you will also be able to build enough audience in the app to qualify for X’s new ad revenue share program. It will offset the cost of ‘X Blue’ membership either way.

It is the broader scale vision for the app. Musk wants his X platform to be the best option for creators by facilitating better revenue share.

He wants the creators equipped with all the advanced creation tools. These tools will help bring more original content in-stream. It will help a lot in attracting more viewers and more advertisers in the long run.

The capacity to stream via desktop is another new and bold step in this direction. It could generate more interest in its Spaces offering.

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