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X and LinkedIn-The Impact of Adding Initial Elements to Your Passkey Access

X and LinkedIn-The Impact of Adding Initial Elements to Your Passkey Access

What was the impact of adding initial elements to your passkey access?  

After TikTok added Passkey access in July, X and LinkedIn are also working to facilitate the same. They are working on providing a secure and more convenient way for users to log into each other apps.

Steve Moser reports that new back-end code updates in both apps suggest that Passkey support is coming, though neither has provided official confirmation yet.

How does Passkey facilitate secure log-in?

Passkey support uses cryptographic data transfer to facilitate secure log-in. It enables users to access each app via on-device biometric authentication options. It includes Face and Touch ID.

What does the cyber security group FIDO Alliance say about it?  

Cyber security group FIDO Alliance says that Passkeys are a password replacement that provides faster, easier, and more secure log-ins to websites and apps across users’ devices.

Unlike passwords, passkeys are resistant to phishing. They are always strong and are designed in such a way that there are no shared secrets.

These passkeys simplify account registration for apps and websites. They are so easy to use and work across all the user devices. They can even work with other devices within the physical proximity, too.

What FIDO Alliance has been promoting?

The FIDO Alliance has been promoting passkeys to combat the rise of online scam activity, with the more personalized identifiers making it increasingly harder for others to steal your identity and use your credentials.

Will other social media platforms and apps add Passkey access options in the future?

It makes sense for social platforms to align with enhanced security, and you can likely expect to see more apps adding Passkey access options in the future.

What more does Moser add to his reports?

Moser additionally reports that Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all committed to supporting Passkey in their platforms and apps. It could make things easier and much more secure for social media usage.

Do you want to know more?

Click here to learn more about the updates on X, LinkedIn, and other social media apps and platforms.

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