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WhatsApp launches Proxy Support to Keep Users Stay Connected

WhatsApp launches Proxy Support to Keep Users Stay Connected Whenever Local Networks Are Impacted
The most important priority of WhatsApp is to help its users stay connected. Even during government-mandated communication disruptions.

Now WhatsApp is doing that by adding proxy support for WhatsApp users that enables them to select a proxy server to stay connected with others even if local servers go down.

The current WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart recently shared an example of this process in Iranian. As per WhatsApp, choosing a proxy will enable you to connect with WhatsApp via servers set up by volunteers and organizations worldwide.

Such a system helps people to communicate freely. Staying connected with the proxy maintains the high levels of privacy and security that WhatsApp provides.

Your messages will stay protected by end-to-end encryption. This unique encryption ensures they remain between you and the person you are in contact with for communication.

This end-to-end encryption also enables you to stay invisible to government oversight. You will be happy to know that neither Meta, WhatsApp, nor Proxy servers will be able to go after your chats or read them.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging platform in the world, often serves as a critical communication channel in times of crisis.

But unfortunately, governments and security organizations are trying to control the flow of information stating various grounds such as national security and terrorism.

In such times the flow of information can get disrupted and distract people from essential updates. Of course, the current governments, even those completely democratic, are unhappy with WhatsApp.

Many European and Asian countries are unhappy with WhatsApp for providing backdoor access for its users in case of blocks and restrictions.

In Meta’s view, it is a vital service to uphold the users’ right to freedom of speech and their own set of ethics.

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