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Whatsapp Launches Broadcast Channels to Take Advantage of Rising DM

Whatsapp Launches Broadcast Channels to Take Advantage of Rising DM

With more conversation switching to DMs, Meta is super keen to capitalize on this trend by adding new ways for people and brands to reach wider audiences within their messaging streams and facilitating more direct connections with friends and fans.

Meta’s latest effort on this front is WhatsApp Channels, which will enable WhatsApp users to get DMs on topics of interest or follow certain creators in the app.

Whatsapp says that channels are a one-way broadcast tool for admins to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls.

To help you select channels to follow, we are building a searchable directory where you can find your hobbies, sports teams, updates from local officials, and more.

You can also get to a channel from invite links in chats, e-mail, or posted online. Channels will also live in a new ‘Updates’ tab in the app, where you can find the latest WhatsApp Status posts from profiles you follow.

It could give Channels more focus and make it a more appealing option for facilitating topic-based connection within the app.

WhatsApp Channels will not display the personal info of users or followers, while Channel updates will only be stored for 30 days. It will make sure that the content remains fresh and relevant.

Meta says it also explores payments and business discovery elements within Channels. It uses it to help businesses maximize their exposure in the app.

As noted above, the update builds on Meta’s efforts to capitalize on the DM connection. It has also driven the development of virtually the same option on Instagram in broadcast channels.

Though, It is still being determined if this is what people want from a DM connection.

The appeal of DMs is that these are generally smaller, private group chats where you can engage with friends and like-minded folk and broadcast elements.

One account speaks to many, and you need help to respond. It does not fit the mold of what people generally use DMs for.

But, once the content is being fed into where they are interacting. It will be enough to keep all the users engaged with the notification systems. It helps to ensure users stay on top of the latest updates in these feeds.

It may work, but likely worth the experiment either way.

It could open up a range of new opportunities for brands. You could run a promotions channel with specials for channel members.

It will eventually enable users to make purchases in-stream. It is better not to overuse this, but it could be another connective element for occasional, seasonal updates.

WhatsApp Channels are launching this week in Colombia and Singapore before expanding to more regions later this year.

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