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Unlocking the Potential of LinkedIn's Generative AI Elements in Recruiter and Learning

Unlocking the Potential of LinkedIn’s Generative AI Elements in Recruiter and Learning

Explain everything about LinkedIn Generative AI Elements.

Given that Microsoft owns LinkedIn, It has become a major investor in ChatGPT creator OpenAI, and it is little surprise to see the professional social network also leaning into AI to maximize its offerings.

Today, LinkedIn has unveiled its new “Recruiter 2024” project. It will add AI elements to its recruitment and hiring offerings. It provides new ways to utilize automated insights and tools within your HR process.

What more does LinkedIn say about it?

LinkedIn further states that by pairing generative AI with our unique insights gained from the more than 950 million professionals, 65 million companies, and 40,000 skills on our platform, we have re-imagined our Recruiter product to help our customers find that short list of qualified candidates faster.

What is the ‘Recruiter’ process of the LinkedIn?

The main element of the new Recruiter process is natural language commands in-app. So, you can pose statements like “Find me a senior growth marketing leader,” and the Recruiter can guide you through the rest.

The new Recruiter interface will include an ever-present ChatGPT-like prompt window at the left-hand side of the screen, so you can ask it any questions to dig deeper into specific elements.

With the unique insights our members have shared with us, like if they are open to work and interested in a company because of its values, we can provide real-time and personalized nudges to help expand or modify the search.

Moreover, we suggest expanding the targeted location, adding the fastest-growing skills based on the role, or recommending if a position should be hybrid based on the talent in the area.

The process will make it much easier to sift through potential candidates and find the right people based on LinkedIn data and insights.

It could be a big boost in your process. Of course, you will likely want to refine key elements and tweak any AI-created job ad copy (another component of LinkedIn’s evolving AI tools).

But it could provide all new opportunities and considerations within your recruitment process, which could have a big impact.

Note the use of “could”. Various AI tools have had multiple levels of applicability, and it’s impossible to say definitively that this will be an evolutionary leap of sorts.

What is CRM Connect?  

In addition to this, LinkedIn is also launching “CRM Connect”. It will integrate LinkedIn Recruiter and your CRM system to merge the functionalities and processes.

LinkedIn is currently trialing this with a small set of partner businesses.

What is LinkedIn Learning, and how will LinkedIn integrate generative AI into it?     

Finally, LinkedIn is also integrating generative AI into LinkedIn Learning via a new AI-powered chatbot experience in-stream.

It will provide real-time advice and tailored content recommendations, “all personalized for you based on your job title, career goal, and the skills you follow.

So now, you can get more specific guidance on your learning options. LinkedIn hopes to have a career coach available at all times.

Again, much of the proof will be in the process, and it is easier to say how effective these types of prompts will be across all industries and specialties once we see them in action.

They could be amazing and point you in the right direction every time, or they could be off, depending on how LinkedIn’s AI system comes to its conclusions.

The only way to know will be to try it out.

What is LinkedIn’s new LinkedIn Learning chatbot all about?

LinkedIn says it is launching the first stage of its new AI chatbot process with two of its most in-demand skills: leadership and management.

Learners can ask, How can I delegate tasks and responsibilities effectively?

Instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all answer, it will ask clarifying questions to understand your situation and experience better.

Once understood, it will offer advice, examples, and feedback based on hundreds of hours of content from our expert instructors.

LinkedIn says that it will look to expand and further tailor its LinkedIn Learning chatbot experience over the coming months. It could also include chatbots built on responses from specific industry experts.

These interesting additions should greatly impact LinkedIn’s recruitment and learning tools.

But they will also take some trial and error to evolve and ensure they apply to all industries and users.

Either way, they are interesting experiments that utilize generative AI most effectively as supplemental tools that can provide assistance and additional prompts.

Do you want to know more?

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