Unlocking the Potential of Facebook and TikTok's New Initiatives
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Unlocking the Potential of Facebook and TikTok's New Initiatives

Unlocking the Potential of Facebook and TikTok’s New Initiatives

You can seek the company of creators back in style. Both Meta and TikTok are launching new initiatives to lure leading creators. They try to pair them with allied marketing opportunities within their respective apps.


Meta has launched a new video series to address myths and misconceptions that creators might have about Facebook and its potential opportunities in the app.


The new series will be presented by a range of creators who have been able to achieve success on Facebook. They will provide tips and notes on maximizing your creator presence in the app.


The first video in the series provides a fairly basic overview. But it is another step in Meta’s push to get more creators posting more frequently in its apps.


The creators can showcase not only how you can post but also how you can optimize your approach. Ultimately you can make money through the ‘creator economy.’ It will be a real thing if you do it correctly.


At the same time, Instagram has launched a new prompt to help brands source applicable UGC in the app. It could provide another way for creators to make money.


You can open up more opportunities to get on the radar of brands whenever they tag them in posts. On TikTok, as stated by Lia Haberman, the platform is currently working with a selected group of creators on a new program.


It connects brands to influencer content by allowing participating creators to post videos based on a brand brief.


Haberman says that Tiktokers who are part of the creative challenge beta program can make up to $34,000 monthly. They are going to do so by producing UGC for brands.


These brands are Uber Eats, Zynga, Alibaba and TikTok. Creators can now buy houses with the amount of money they make from the UGC.


This initiative provides a new way for brands to get better. TikTok, through its content, is also providing a new monetization pathway for all the leading stars in the app.


TikTok desperately needs it. The results of its creator funding programs by far have got mixed results only. While it still does not have an equitable ad revenue share program to incentivize users.


Facilitating brand deals is likely the best way forward on this front. However, limiting the program to some selected creators will lead to issues like hurdles in scaling and maximizing opportunities.


These projects are the latest in each app’s efforts to ensure creators get paid regularly to keep them posting. While they also provide brands with a more organic way into the conversation.


Short-form videos are important because they create stand-out and engaging video clips. It is difficult, and users are more aware of all the latest trends and tricks than brands.

With only seconds of attention, the details matter the most here.


Thus, enlisting talent that already understands the best tricks and tactics is far faster and cheaper. The development pipeline then relies on in-house staff.


These new initiatives will provide extra opportunities for both brands and creators simultaneously. But will it be enough to satisfy most users in each app?


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