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Unleashing the Power of YouTube's 'Spotlight Moments' AI

Unleashing the Power of YouTube’s ‘Spotlight Moments’ AI

What are the ‘New Spotlight Moments’ of YouTube?

YouTube is launching a new “Spotlight Moments” ad option. It will enable advertisers to place their promotions within the most popular content around certain themes, like, for example, Halloween, the NBA playoffs, The Oscars, and more.

What does YouTube say about it?

YouTube connects the world during cultural moments and global events. Every day, billions of viewers turn to the platform to engage with content before, during, and after major moments.

They watch behind-the-scenes footage, highlight reels, fan analysis, and more. That is why this year, we are continuing to innovate on moment-based ad opportunities.

We are introducing a new AI-driven package called Spotlight Moments, automatically identifying the most popular, relevant videos, making it even easier for advertisers to own the moment around key events when viewers are most engaged.

What does it work like?

Using AI-based video identification and sorting, Spotlight Moments will enable advertisers to maximize ad placement within content that’s related to key cultural moments.

The system of YouTube will identify a selection of top-performing thematic uploads, pull them into a branded content hub, and then complete them with the advertiser’s logo.

Our AI-powered packaging technology identifies popular YouTube videos related to a specific cultural moment. You can take the Halloween example above, and an advertiser wants to drive awareness for its brand during the spooky season.

Spotlight Moments enables the advertiser to seamlessly serve ads across Halloween-related content on YouTube and curates them into dynamically updated playlists that will live on the sponsored hub.

Brands will automatically appear alongside the most relevant and engaging content associated with the moment.”

So, it is your own, in-stream branded activation without you having to create all the content and giving you the additional reach and exposure related to these already popular clips.

It is a more high-end option, so it is probably not for smaller businesses and brands.

But for those that can afford it, it could be a good way to create more native-looking, in-stream promotions, which may enhance brand association and drive more product interest.

Of course, that also means that you are trusting AI to do a lot of the work for you in curating your custom playlists.

But AI systems are improving all the time, and choosing the best-performing videos around a theme is unlikely to be a highly contentious use of the option.

It is an interesting addition to YouTube’s expanding AI ad tools.

Do you want to learn more about YouTube’s Spotlight Moment?  

You can learn more about Spotlight Moments here.

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