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Twitter Showcases Broader Spectrum of Political Contents in Feeds

The news about Twitter is getting more interesting day by day. Twitter chief Elon Musk has recently replied to a commentator who questioned about getting right-wing posts on his feed.

Musk advised the user to block the posts from his feed to avoid getting them on his Twitter feed. This is definitely not a policy update or change that Elon is trying to reinforce.

But it suggests that Twitter wants to show people opposing political commentary in their feeds. It helps them as a means to spark broader awareness and engagement.

Mr. Musk pinned this tweet, adding a little more weight to the suggestion. It is also interesting to note that various studies have already shown that this approach will not work.

Meta executive Andrew Bosworth published a long blog post in 2020 on the challenges of political polarization on social networks and their experiences on Facebook.

Bosworth also explained that they had tried different times to show users more content from both sides of the political spectrum. Still, the user response was always the opposite regarding the intended effect. This post suggests how to deal with them.

Bosworth has clearly acknowledged that Facebook usage has amplified political division but not in the way many had expected.

Instead, it has started showing more posts aligned with your established beliefs. Furthermore, Bosworth explains that Facebook users actually watched many more opposing viewpoints.

This new development only helped aggravate political divides further. The posts started driving angst and embedded opposition instead of opening people’s minds to another way of thinking.

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