Twitter Previews New Bookmarks UI and also makes Functionality Easier to Access

After the entry of Elon Musk in the picture, Twitter is going through many updates and tweaks. According to the tweets of Mr Musk, Twitter will see some more new updates in the coming weeks.

One of Musk’s new favorite Twitter functions was that he just seemed to have discovered bookmarks. For him, he was using bookmarks to tag a tweet you may be interested in. But I don’t want to like it at the same time.

In actuality, ‘Like’ is not always the right flag. Bookmarks are private, and you can tag anything for later reference. But according to Mr. Musk, maybe the functionality is too hidden and reduces its usage.

With this in mind, Twitter is developing a new approach to displaying bookmarks. It will bring all the functionality upfront.

You and millions of users worldwide will have a new bookmark option in the top right of the tweet detail display. This new option will make it easier to quickly tag and save tweets for reading them later.

It will only help more users bookmark more things in the future. This new update may make a real impact on tweet engagement.

But the new owner of Twitter believes that bookmarks like community notes and verification ticks are far more valuable than anyone can realize.

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