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Twitter makes ‘community notes’ visible to all global users.

A social media platform like Twitter has undergone many changes recently. Even after going through nerve-wracking changes recently, Twitter has announced some new changes.

Take a look at all those updates about Twitter that are given below as follows:-

  • After the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk is making lots of changes and reforms at Twitter. From now on, Twitter is opening up its ‘community notes’ tweet context indicators to all global users.
  • Twitter users can view community notes attached to tweets, but only US-based users can create them until now. But from now on, more contributors from other regions of the world will be able to add notes to your tweets soon.
  • Twitter has said that users everywhere can now see and rate notes and ensure notes that are helpful to those from a wide range of views.
  • You can see notes that are currently rated helpful and getting shown on Twitter here. If you don’t see them yet, don’t sweat, it’s in the process of rolling out.
  • Twitter initially launched community notes in January last year. It was then known as ‘Birdwatch.’ It was a new method to combat misinformation in tweets.

According to Mr. Elon Musk, community notes will have a powerful impact on falsehoods in the Twitter app.


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