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Twitter is updating Bookmarks UI and Counting Bookmarks as Partial Likes

Elon Musk’s Twitter has updated the display of the ‘Bookmark’ option in the app. It helps in boosting in-app engagement. It is one of the several key fixes that Elon Musk has requested in recent weeks.

As it is visible in the new format, the bookmark has been added to the lower function display when you expand a tweet. Hence, it will get more people to use the option.

Even Elon Musk views it as a ‘silent like’ and another measure of engagement with tweets. A few weeks back, Musk tweeted that Twitter’s bookmark functionality was hidden by ‘obscure UI.’

It meant that several users likely didn’t know that it even existed. The value of bookmarks is that they provide another means to interact with a tweet you might be interested in.

But, it might not necessarily be ‘Like’ as such. Besides that, there has been much debate over the terminology of ‘Like’ and its means in a tweet context and the use of a ‘heart icon’ for the option.

In several cases, a heart probably doesn’t represent the intention of the person tapping that specific button. It is why Elon is pushing Bookmarks as an alternative, along with the means to tag and flag items for later reference.

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