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Twitter Expands Tweet Editing Window to One Hour!

Twitter Expands Tweet Editing Window to One Hour!

Twitter Blue subscribers now have more time to edit their tweets. Twitter is quietly rolling out an expansion of its Tweet Edit window from 30 minutes to one hour.

Social media expert Matt Navarra says some Twitter Blue subscribers have an hour to edit their tweets. They are up from the half-hour originally allocated when tweet editing was first launched last October.

It will allow you to catch errors by doubling the time available to consider your message or respond to feedback from people who read your tweet.

It could be handy, but it is still only available to Twitter Blue subscribers, and it will make up less than 0.3% of the total user base of Twitter.

It has yet to be available to everyone, with some Blue features still being rolled out.

The Twitter Blue, subscriber length limit is 4k characters per tweet, though Twitter expanded it to 10k in April.

Not all users have this expansion yet, or the wording has not been universally updated. It reflects Twitter’s rapidly evolving system updates that sometimes lead to bugs and inconsistencies.

As a consequence of moving faster, it is likely not a major concern for Twitter users, especially when you also think Twitter is working with 80% fewer staff.

But it does lead to some variances in user experience and feature availability. Every Twitter Blue subscriber might have an hour to edit all their tweets.

In case you have not, and if you don’t, it will likely be coming soon.

Could that help to boost Twitter Blue’s take-up?

Any Twitter user would assume not, as tweet editing now seems like a minor element within the broader offering, but it might be with more time to change your tweets that could be a lure to get more people to consider paying $8 a month.

It is still a very niche offering. It appeals mostly to all the top fans of Elon, while the removal of legacy blue ticks has yet to do anything to increase Blue take-up, according to the analysis.

By forcing all advertisers to sign up, it may change, but it does appear that the blue checkmark did not hold the value that Elon and Co. were once thinking.

They may need to return to the drawing board for another solution to address bot swarms and revenue intake.

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