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Twitter Continues to Develop Tweet Awards as a New Creator Monetization Opportunity

Elon Musk’s Twitter has been going through many small and significant changes constantly after the takeover. It isn’t easy to know what is going on and what is not in all the previously implemented experiments.

But the new development on making tweet awards as another creator monetization opportunity is progressing. And according to the latest findings from app researcher extraordinaire Jane Manchun Wong.

According to some sources, Twitter is still developing its virtual gifting type option. These options provide a range of stickers that you can buy for giving to people with good tweets.

You can also gift these awards to other users who can convert them into cash. The concept is the same as the virtual gift of Facebook.

These virtual gifts are purchasable via ‘Stars,’ its in-app currency for donating funds to your favorite creators. Even YouTube has its version.
YouTube has its Super Stickers option to facilitate the same, while TikTok uses the ‘live gifts’ opportunity. Even Reddit has similar sticker gifting options.

Will it work on Twitter?
Creators are inspiring on Twitter as on any other platform. So, if it works on one, it should work on another too. Some people may be unwilling to accept the idea of cluttering their Twitter feed with more emoji-style characters.

But some people may use them, allowing Twitter to generate incremental revenue in a new form.

And those who don’t like them will never use them. In one way or another, Twitter will likely provide fewer reasons for such donations by focusing on briefness.

Now Elon has flagged longer video uploads and encourages a more YouTube-style system for monetization to attract more creators to the platform.

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