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Twitter ads new qualification process for community notes for improving note value

Twitter is adding a new way to improve the accuracy and value of its community notes. It is all possible with the help of a new qualifier that requires community note contributors to ‘unlock’ the ability to write notes by first rating other notes submitted in the app.

According to Twitter, “everyone who joins the ‘community notes’ can rate notes. They can also unlock the power to write notes by identifying helpful and unhelpful notes. Furthermore, new contributors need to earn a rating impact of at least 5” to unlock the ability to write.

Rating impact relates to how often a contributor’s rating helped the community identify notes, which will earn a status of helpful or not among the broader group of users.

In Twitter, rating impact increases when a contributor rates a note before it reaches its nature and when their rating matches the status reached by the note.

In addition, there are also writing impact points for community note creators based on audience feedback.

Moreover, if you don’t maintain a high enough writing impact rating, you will ultimately lose your ability to write notes.

Hence, the system is built to ensure that community note participants are not outliers and that their ratings are viewed as applicable by the broader community of Twitter.

Furthermore, it is a good update that will help maintain the quality of the submitted notes. It will help to make the option a critical moderation filter in the app that remains to be seen.

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