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Troubleshooting YouTube Community Notes Feed in the Mobile App

How is YouTube troubleshooting the Community Notes Feed in the Mobile App?

YouTube is looking to better incorporate its text-based social engagement element with a new Community Posts feed for channels in the mobile app.

What does YouTube say about it?  

YouTube says that they have heard that YouTube users are looking for more ways to find Community posts from creators. Hence, they are experimenting with a “posts-only” feed on the Home tab on mobile devices.

Like YouTube, if users are also in the experiment, they might see a “View all” button on single Community posts on Home.

You can tap to view more posts from channels that you have engaged with in the past or posts that we think you might like.

It builds a Twitter-like text update feed into YouTube, with posts from channels you follow and channels you might like integrated into a dedicated updates stream.

It could be an exciting engagement element and another way for channel managers to keep their audience informed of supplemental updates aside from their uploads.

What has YouTube been working on?

YouTube has been working to make Community Posts a more significant part of community engagement, by adding polls, quizzes (available on Android, coming to iOS soon), disappearing updates, and more.

What more has YouTube done for the betterment of ‘Community Notes’?  

YouTube also lowered the qualification threshold for Community Notes in May, with all channel managers now able to use the feature.

The new dedicated notes tab adds another consideration. It could make it a more valuable means of outreach and awareness in the app.

YouTube says it is testing its new Community Notes mobile feed with “a small group of users” on Android and iOS.

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