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Threads-Unlocking the Potential of Early Features

Threads-Unlocking the Potential of Early Features

What are the potential early features of threads?

There is no desktop Threads app as yet. But Meta’s Twitter clone has rolled out another slew of new updates. It is steadily building on its feature set to capitalize on its early interest.

First off, Threads has added a new “Send on Instagram” option. It will enable you to share a Thread with your Instagram DMs directly.

Further, it leans into the rising use of DMs as a connective option. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has noted that users now share way more content via DM than in feed posts or Stories.

It might help to tie Thread’s engagement into that process. The option to add a Thread as a feed post or Story is already present in the app.

Threads is also rolling out custom alt-text. You can add descriptions to photos or edit auto-generated alt-text tags before posting.

While Instagram is also adding a new “Mention” button on profiles, hence, from now you can more easily mention an account in your post.

All these seem unnecessary.

How hard is it to type in @ and find the relevant handle?

It may help to maximize mentions and drive more engagement between Threads users.

Threads also recently added the capacity to sort your following list by who you followed first or last, along with a new section in your Settings where you can view the Threads you liked.

Threads has also taken some more steps towards integrating ActivityPub with its support for rel=me links. It will eventually enable users to verify their identity on other platforms that support diverse protocols.

It is still a way of being a thing. But, here, the idea is that Threads will be Meta’s way into the next wave of decentralized social media tools.

It will provide a more accessible pathway for Meta users to connect to these more open services.

Do you think that Threads will be able to capitalize on its early interest and becomes a feasible replacement for Twitter?

It is still too early to say whether Threads will be able to capitalize on its early interest and become a feasible replacement for Twitter because more users are seeking an alternative to Elon Musk’s rapidly changing app.

The rebrand to X has prompted many to reconsider whether the platform still suits their purpose, while Musk is repeatedly attacking “mainstream journalists.” He is constantly alienating one of the key user groups of his platform.

It could have a more significant impact on the app formerly known as Twitter than Musk seems to think. A key element and value of former Twitter was that journalists loved it.

It kept them linked to the latest news as it happened. It provides them with a valuable resource for sourcing and sharing news updates.

If those same journalists stop using X and head to Threads instead, then it is suspected that the impacts will be significant for Elon’s app.

Musk has repeatedly shown that he is not concerned about such things. He even laughed off that a major news organization in Australia has opted to leave X altogether.

But there is a reason why previous Twitter management had a dedicated media relations team and dedicated policies to keep high-profile writers tweeting in the app.

Threads usage has declined significantly since its hyped launch, and platform downloads have also slowed. It still needs to be made available in the EU.

But maybe, with a desktop app coming soon, more news organizations are starting to be more active. It could still see Threads build on that early interest.

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