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Threads-The Secret to Unlocking More Instagram Profile Tags

Threads-The Secret to Unlocking More Instagram Profile Tags

What Instagram has added for Threads?

Instagram has added another growth feature for Threads. It enables you to tag Instagram users who don’t yet have a Threads account so that you can follow them if/when they do.

As Anuj Ahooja posted, you can now tag an Instagram user who has yet to activate a Threads profile, and the tag will show up with an Instagram icon instead of the regular @ handle.

Other users will then be able to follow that user in advance, so if they activate a Threads profile, you will get all their updates.

By helping, you can keep in touch with exciting users like Steve Irwin’s son Robert, who is too busy breeding endangered turtles to mess around on Threads.

What more can you do through Instagram Profile Tags on Threads?

You can also tap through to their IG profile. It provides more interconnectivity between the two apps.

Instagram is the key growth engine for Threads, with various Threads alerts and updates already being displayed to the 2 billion+ Instagram users. It helps a lot in boosting awareness of Meta’s Twitter-like app.

The question now is whether Threads can keep a hold on that attention and link more people to the Threads experience or whether its Instagram linkage has artificially inflated its member numbers by sparking more app downloads.

We won’t know yet, but Instagram has given Threads a critical leg up. It has prompted many more people to at least look at the app.

As Threads improves its algorithm and in-app experience, that could be an essential growth lever, especially once it becomes available in all regions.

The new IG tags are a smart way to tie into this, which could also make it a more appealing complementary platform for IG creators.

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