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Threads looking to develop its own messaging option

Threads looking to develop its own messaging option

Why is Threads looking to develop its messaging option?

Despite initial hesitation on adding messaging features in the new app, the Threads team at Meta is now developing an in-stream DM option. It would bring it more into parity with X and other social apps.

As per the above Thread from data privacy researcher Jorge Caballero, the Threads app has recently added some new data strings that seemingly relate to DMs.

What did the Caballero notes?

Caballero notes that Threads DMs will likely be encrypted, while users can also send self-destructing messages if they choose.

It is in line with Meta’s other messaging tools despite it looking to add encryption by default. It will also enable it to be inter-operative with Meta’s other messaging features, in line with its broader messaging integration plan.

It was also a key reason the Threads team initially wanted to avoid adding messaging to the app. Meta has been working to integrate all of its messaging tools since 2019.

It will eventually see all your DMs, from Messenger, Instagram Direct, and WhatsApp, merged into a single, interoperable inbox accessible in any app.

In other words, your messages from each app would be viewable across any platform, so you could message somebody on WhatsApp from IG, send a Messenger DM to a person on WhatsApp, etc.

With this in mind, Meta initially wanted to keep its DMs within its existing systems, as adding another inbox into the mix likely complicates things a fair bit.

But as it works to become a bigger rival for Twitter/X and facilitate broader usage, DMs remain a much-requested addition. It could mean that Threads must add DMs to tick all the boxes.

However, there has been no official confirmation as yet. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has seemed hesitant on the DM front, though his wording around such has softened in recent weeks.

So, it seems likely that this is coming. It will make many Threads converts happy, especially as it looks to capitalize on its recent momentum in the wake of X’s more recent updates.

Indeed, X changed the format of link previews amid reports of rampant misinformation and fake accounts around the Israel-Hamas war.

These conversations are increasingly dominated by the platform’s small percentage of paying users, and Threads has seen a respective upswing, according to recent data from

What Platformer’s Casey Newton has reported?

Threads climbed from rank #40 to #20 on the download charts between Saturday and Wednesday this week. The biggest impact was in the UK, where it rose 32 positions from #92 to #61.

There has been no official word from Meta yet, but there has been a bigger shift towards Threads amid ongoing concern about the direction of Elon Musk’s X project.

We won’t know whether that leads to a more significant usage shift for some time. But Threads is gaining more traction by adding DMs, editing, Trending Topics, voice notes, etc.

In combination, maybe Threads could become a genuine rival for the former bird app. DMs would be a contributor here. We will keep you updated on any progress.

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