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The Shorts Revolution YouTube Adds More TikTok Options

The Shorts Revolution-YouTube Adds More TikTok Options

Do you know about all the new TikTok options on YouTube?

Shorts consumption is on the rise on YouTube. It is why YouTube is making a more significant move to take on TikTok head-to-head.

The addition of a range of new and TikTok-like features for Shorts will bring the two platforms into closer parity.

First off, YouTube is adding a new ’Collab’ feature. It will enable you to record a Short side-by-side with other YouTube or Shorts videos.

Looks familiar?

The format is a direct copy of TikTok’s ‘Duet’ functionality. It has become a popular option for creators to respond to the posts of other users on YouTube.

Up till now, YouTube has only provided audio remix options for Shorts. But as it looks to lean further into the short-form trend, it incorporates more TikTok-like tools to challenge the app.

“Creators can choose from multiple layout options to easily join in with a split screen format. Just hit ‘Remix’ then ‘Collab’ to remix an eligible Short or YouTube video.”

In addition, YouTube is also rolling out a new Q&A sticker. It will enable creators to prompt direct responses from viewers within the Shorts stream.

It will also look familiar because TikTok and Instagram have the same tools.

Even live-streaming is in vertical display format. That’s right; YouTube is not trying to hide its admiration for TikTok.

With the help of its new vertical live stream, YouTube is trying to mimic the look and feel of TikTok’s live content. It is also like TikTok and will be displayed in the Shorts stream.

Testers of this new functionality will see previews of vertical live videos mixed into the Shorts feed. As someone taps into the experience, they will be placed in a scrollable feed of other live videos.

YouTube is also looking to make Shorts creation easier. They will do so by adding new shortcuts that will link a viewer through to the camera composer with the audio and effects from the Short that they were viewing applied so that they can use that as a template.

What is YouTube’s take on the Remix button for Shorts videos?

According to YouTube, you can tap the Remix button from the Shorts player and select the button ‘use sound.’ We will automatically surface the same audio time stamp from the Short you have just watched.

You will get the same effect as a creation suggestion. You can always mix and match to make it your own, too.

It is also much the same as what you can do on IG and TikTok. But it could get handy for tapping into trends or responding to clips in-stream.

YouTube is also adding the capacity to save Shorts to playlists right on YouTube. Hence, the audio-visual platform makes it easier to keep tabs on Shorts content you want to watch again.

While it is also testing new ‘recomposition tools.’ It will enable you to transform your horizontal videos into Shorts clips.

It is a lot of TikTok that is coming into YouTube. Given the popularity and trend of short-form YouTube videos, it is probably a good thing.

The advantage of YouTube for creators is that by building a presence on Shorts, you can bet into making your long list of followers with longer-form content in the app.

It can be more effectively monetized and could facilitate a better pathway to getting success in generating revenue.

Short-form content is more challenging to make money from; It is why TikTok is keen to add other elements, like in-stream shopping. It will help in increasing creator incomes.

In this respect, having these tools available on YouTube will be even more valuable. Shorts are being watched by over 2 billion YouTubers monthly; the interest levels in the format will rival both YouTube and Instagram. It could help you reach a huge captive audience.

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