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The Impact of Showing Threads to Facebook and Instagram Connections

The Impact of Showing Threads to Facebook and Instagram Connections

Why is Threads trying to show its posts on Facebook and Instagram?

It is worth noting for those logging into Threads more often and engaging in conversations in the app.

Your Thread posts could be shown to your connections on Facebook and IG as part of Meta’s cross-promotion efforts for the app.

What do Brenden Wood and social media expert Matt Navarra say about it?

As posted by Brenden Wood and shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, Meta’s latest Threads amplification strategy sees it using its Big Blue app to boost awareness of Threads posts and profiles.

It makes sense to increase engagement in the app, which has reportedly been flagging in recent weeks. But it may also see your Threads updates re-shared to your Facebook friends, which you may or may not like.

What Meta has got for Threads?

Meta also has a similar Instagram promotion module for Threads, with a side-scrolling feed of Threads updates between posts.

So, your Threads could also show up there, though that linkage was likely more apparent, considering you need an Instagram account to sign up for Threads.

Why the Threads connection with Facebook and Instagram comes with a warning?   

The Facebook connection could be less precise, but it comes with a warning. Whatever you post on Threads, your grandparents, uncles, and that aunt you never speak to are watching.

Due to being connected on Facebook like you are, and she still likes all of your posts, they could all potentially see your witty quips and updates.

And they might follow you as well. It might also be better, considering several users have very different social networks on Facebook and other apps.

It is also where Threads needs to separate in terms of how it uses its activity data to fuel its algorithm.

People don’t want the same content on Threads as on IG and not Facebook.

If Meta is using all of the signals from its other apps to recommend posts on Threads, its algorithm will likely fail to some degree.

But users will imagine that, over time, as it gains more insight into Threads-specific behaviors, it will be better able to separate each of them.

But that’s an aside. The main point here is that Threads posts are displayed in Meta’s other apps, which could be something to remember when posting.

I suspect that Threads will add an easy opt-out for this shortly.

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