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The Benefits of Switching Your Accounts in-App with WhatsApp

The Benefits of Switching Your Accounts in-App with WhatsApp

Why is WhatsApp adding account Switching in-app?

WhatsApp has announced a relatively small but much-requested update, with users now able to switch between alternative WhatsApp accounts without having to log out or log back in every time.

What is WhatsApp saying about it?  

YouTube is introducing the ability to have two WhatsApp accounts logged in simultaneously. Switching between two versions, such as your work and personal, will be beneficial.

Now, you will no longer have to log out every single time, carry two phones, or worry about messaging from the wrong place.

Yeah, it is not a major revolution, but still, it is an annoyance for several users.

Will this new update alleviate this issue for the users forever?

Many professionals carry two phones to keep their work and personal dealings separate. At the same time, the update will not alleviate this issue.

But, it will have the capacity to easily switch between accounts, as you can on Facebook and Instagram. It is a perfect and functional update that will make things easier for several.

However, it is a little more complicated than your regular account-switching options.

To set up a second account, you will need a second phone number, SIM card, or a phone that accepts multi-SIM or eSIM.

How do you activate Accounts in-app with WhatsApp?

Open your WhatsApp settings, click on the arrow next to your name, and click “Add account.” You can control your privacy and notification settings on each account.

A few more steps will likely impede take-up. However, it could help many users by making managing your various WhatsApp profiles easier on a single device.

Do you want to know more?

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