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Social Media Updates on LinkedIn

Social media platforms are updated with new features and facilities on regular basis.

Here are some new updates on the popular social media platform like LinkedIn that you follow daily.

Take note of the updates given below:-

LinkedIn highlights newsletters with several other features

A social networking site like LinkedIn recognizes the value of newsletters in today’s digital world of communication.

LinkedIn is rolling out the feature of named LinkedIn newsletters. The newsletter feature helps its users publish reoccurring articles on your page.

Besides that, you can also send a notification to page subscribers to encourage all of them to a newsletter sign up. You can also send letters to subscribers whenever a new edition is out.

You will be amazed that LinkedIn made its product pages findable via site search. The social media platform allows you to share community posts directly to the product pages.

By doing so, the social networking site for professionals helps its users to share testimonials & other valuable information among themselves.

Furthermore, the networking site has also alerted its Competitor’s Analytics dashboard.

You are making it easy to keep tracking your peers with information like growth in their follower count, engagement rates, and recent posts.

Your peers also can keep tracking your social media profile in the same way.

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