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Snapchat Shares New Insights into Gen Z Consumers' Needs

Snapchat Shares New Insights into Gen Z Consumers’ Needs

Snapchat has shared some new insights into how to connect with Gen Z consumers. It could help in your planning for the upcoming holiday season.

It is based on a survey conducted with Omnicom Media Group or O.M.G.

Snap has provided some key pointers on what Gen Z shoppers are seeking from brands and brand marketing and how you can shape your messaging to reorient with these key elements.

According to Snap, Unlike the generations before, these consumers are digital natives growing up in different times.

It also includes the pandemic that disrupted major life events like graduations and first jobs for several GenZ consumers.

Gen Z consumers today require an updated media and communication planning strategy that is authentic and relevant to their lives.

A good context always matters for this generation, and how all the brands show up through messaging and media selection.

In simple words, Gen Z is looking for more personalized, relevant messaging. Moreover, a generation has grown up with much more advanced ad targeting on the web.

Broad-reaching campaigns hold less appeal to this audience.

A recent study shows young Gen Z consumers seek more positive experiences. The content consumption by Gen Z is driven by their desire to stay updated.

This generation seeks content that connects with their values and lifts their spirits and engagement.

Meanwhile, the motivations of non-Gen-Z consumers are less complex, with more emphasis on keeping up with others and their current events.

Snapchat has become a precious source, with users reporting positive impacts in each element. The research also shows that younger consumers want to shop with brands that fit their values and motivations.

Indeed, around 75% of respondents indicated that they were more likely to be loyal to a company willing to speak on social issues, post related information, and run ads about social change.

It has been a key finding of many Gen Z surveys. Younger consumers are paying more attention to how businesses conduct themselves today.

The added transparency of social media offers more insight. At the same time, the purpose of your brand or your business’s reason for being and what it stands for beyond just making a profit is also a key consideration for several shoppers.

These are only sometimes easy or comfortable elements for brands to navigate. Still, the data shows that younger consumers want to know that they are supporting businesses that reorient with their passions and beliefs and are looking to create a better world, one way or another.

That’s another angle to consider in your marketing; it could help you connect with this company. Younger shoppers want to play a part in something bigger when they can, beyond just buying for themselves.

They will line up with this and can positively impact both sales and the causes you choose to support. You can click here for more social media updates on Snapchat and other social media updates.

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