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Snapchat reaches 8 million Australian Users and Shares Regional Opportunities

Snapchat reaches 8 million Australian Users and Shares Regional Opportunities

What is the latest update on Snapchat?

Snapchat has provided its latest update on regional user growth. The announcement is that it is now up to 8 million monthly users in Australia. Here, it is seeing solid take-up among younger audiences, too.

What do the statistics says about Snapchat?

Snapchat has lined up some points that lay the statistics here:-

What more do the engagement notes say about Snapchat growth?

The engagement notes are similar to what Snapchat is seeing in other regions, with Snap also reporting back in June that it is now up to 15 million users in Germany and 21 million in the U.K.

The regional breakdowns provide some more context on Snap’s broader usage numbers. It also shows that its total North American usage (U.S. and Canada) is currently at 101 million with daily active users.

As you can see in these charts, its growth has slowed significantly in the North American and E.U. markets, with the majority of Snapchat growth now coming in the ‘Rest of the World’ category, with more Indian users, in particular, coming online as connectivity evolves in the region.

As you can see in this chart, India is now Snap’s single biggest user market. You can see that usage here is doubling in the North American region.

And while daily and monthly usage stats are not directly comparable, at 383 million DAU and over 750 million total MAU, extrapolation of the available data would suggest that Snapchat currently has around-

Australia, of course, would also be in the ‘Rest of World’ category. It is interesting to note all the regional usage stats and the specific engagement notes, which could relate to your campaigns.

How is Snapchat’s engagement with teens?

Essentially, Snap engagement remains very high among teen users, while the app is seeing more growth in the Asia Pacific than anywhere else, with India now leading the way.

We have come a long way from Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, who once refused to expand into India. He told his employees that the app was not for poor countries.

Snapchat’s 2018 re-alignment has changed the app’s trajectory in this respect. It will be interesting to see whether it can generate more revenue from Asia Pacific users in the future or not.

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