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Snapchat Announces Exciting New Activities for Pride Month!

Snapchat Announces Exciting New Activities for Pride Month!

Snapchat has announced a new slate of Pride Month activations, including Spotlight challenges, Bitmoji clothing, new AR elements, and more?

First off, on Spotlight, it is TikTok-like vertical video feed in the app. Snapchat is teaming up with a selection of LGBTQ+ creators for a new set of Spotlight challenges, like allowing users to win a share of $40k for participating?

Snapchat is stating that it is starting June 1st through June 27th; Snapchatters will show off their most hilarious comedy sketches, best outfits, glam for Pride, their favourite queer-owned business, and the most impressive trick shot on Spotlight.

As noted, the themed challenges will modify Snapchatters to win prizes for their participation. They will take part in the broader celebration of the event too.

Snapchat is also partnering with Nike on a new series of ‘Be True’ Bitmoji fashion items available to dress up your digital doppelganger in the app?

You can grab a limited-edition ‘Be True’ hoodie for your character in the app, with a physical version also available on as part of Nike’s annual Pride collection.

All interested users can head here to claim the hoodie for their Bitmoji. It will be added to your avatar’s outfit and saved to ‘My Closet’ on Snapchat to wear after the Drop ends.

Finally, Snap also uses its new SEEN Camera experience to empower users to share their stories in the app. The SEEN Camera Lens provides topic prompts, interview questions, and AR effects.

It helps and guides Snapchatters through the storytelling process. Through this, Snapchat encourages users to share their stories for Pride Month to help provide more perspective for others in the app.

Snap is also saying it will launch additional themed Lenses, filters, stickers, and captions throughout the month. It will provide more ways for users to participate in the event.

A range of ways to participate in Pride on Snap will show your support for the LGBTQ+ community. To learn more about Snapchat and other social media platforms.

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