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SEO Future Prediction; An Expert Overview

SEO Future Prediction: An Expert Overview

SEO is an essential tool that helps thousands or more businesses and websites to increase their visibility, brand awareness, and traffic to their website.  

With time technology evolving rapidly and new tools are being introduced and many questions are raised such as what will be the future of SEO, it will exist in the near future, and many more. 

If you are curious about the future of SEO, predictions and insights then read this blog to find in-depth details. 

Why Does SEO Prediction Matter for Businesses? 

SEO has always been a crucial part of the online marketing strategies. Millions of websites compete with each other to rank the first result page. With time Google is introducing new updates to provide better and more accurate information to its users.

Google prioritizes user experience, which means the better user experience you have it will be easier for you to rank on the search engine result page.   

SEO Future Key Changes   

Technology is rising rapidly and new power tools are being introduced in 2023. Near future advanced technology can influence SEO and user behavior will change drastically, accordingly Google introduce new search engine algorithm updates. Here are some of the key factors you need to look out for. 

Voice Search  

SEO Future Prediction; An Expert Overview

These days voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Nest, and many more became essential parts of search engines so businesses need to create content that matches the voice search queries that users generally ask.  

Within a few years voice search will take over the search engine and more than 50% of the users will prefer to use voice search. 

Mobile Index 

Mobile users are continuously growing. As per the stats, around 7 billion or more people use the internet through their smartphones. That’s why now Google shifted its focus to mobile index. 

Now if a business wants to rank in the SERP then its website should be mobile-friendly, responsive, and SEO optimized then only it will rank on the SERP. 

User Experience 

SEO Future Prediction; An Expert Overview

From the beginning, Google prioritizes user experience. In the near future, it will become more crucial. Google Core vital reports show how your page performed and it is completely based on your page loading speed, responsiveness, and visual stability.    

Artificial Inteligency 

SEO Future Prediction; An Expert Overview

Artificial intelligence has changed the way how the search engine works and ranks websites. AI tools can easily analyze vast amounts of data at once and easily understand the user search intent then provide the relevant results to the users. 

In the near future, businesses need to utilize these tools to create and optimize their content. 

E-A-T Content 

SEO Future Prediction; An Expert Overview

Google recently introduced another update regarding expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It became an essential part of ranking your web page on the result page. 

What we want to say is Google primarily focuses on high-quality content that demonstrates expertise and authoritativeness in the respective field. 

Business needs to create quality content and build backlinks from reputed sites to build trust.  

Experts Overview on SEO 

SEO Future Prediction; An Expert Overview

Recently on the Search OFF Record podcast the team of Google’s Jhone Muller, Martin Splitt, and Gary Illyes talk about a few changes they had seen for a decade and what are the future future changes. 

Google developer Spiitt says there are possibilities that a new meta tag might introduce in the future. 

There’s someone who asked in the future if Google still needs structure data to find page details. The split mentioned that Google can understand that it’s a product page, it’s the name of the product, its product images, and its product prices still google prefer to have structured data.   

Muller the analytics of Google raised a question of whether search engine optimization still needs human writers in the near future. Split mentioned that Google doesn’t prefer machine-generated content on the index page until it has been reviewed by an expert in a particular field. 

They also have a conversation about voice search. Split says in the future it might be a primary thing but now they don’t see it as can change the future.   


The future of SEO is dynamic and ever-changing, driven by advancements in technology and user expectations. By anticipating and embracing these future trends, businesses can ensure their online presence remains strong, their organic traffic grows, and their visibility expands. 

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