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Rewarding AR Creators: Snap Launches New Initiative

Rewarding AR Creators Snap Launches New Initiative

How Snap is Rewarding Its AR Creators?

It may be a small social platform, but Snapchat is a clear leader in AR development. It could help to ensure it maintains a good connection in the next stage of digital connectivity.

Along this line, Snap has announced a new funding Program for AR creators today. It is designed to help foster the next wave of digital creatives in its apps.

Snapchat’s new ‘Lens Creator Rewards program’ will celebrate the most creative lenses. It has dedicated funding for the best-performing innovations.

It is based on various engagement metrics. Snap states that every month, a ‘Lens Creator’ could be awarded up to $7,200 if their Lens is a top-performing Lens in the United States, India, and Mexico.

The program is open to all the new and existing Lens Studio community members from nearly 40 countries.

It could be an excellent incentive to keep all the AR creators building in the apps of Snapchat, as competition for talent rises across all the social media platforms.

So how will ‘top-performing’ be assessed in this context?

Snap says that Lens performance will be determined ‘by a copyrighted formula based on views and other engagement metrics.’

It keeps things appropriately vague, as Snap might want to tweak the incentives for the program over time. Even though it is a fact that there are no specific measurements, that could be problematic if the payment amounts fluctuate.

It has been a problem for Snap in other contexts, with creators getting annoyed by contradictory payments from its Spotlight funding initiative as the performance measurements for the program continue to stay altered.

Ideally, Snap is in a position to set more concrete parameters. It also makes sense that it might want to keep all its options open, especially in the early days of the new initiative.

It is also worth noting that despite AR creators from virtually every region being able to join the program, Snap says that a Lens engagement in the US, India, and Mexico will be used to measure the performance each month.

So if you are a creator in Australia, then you are being measured based on the performance of your Lens in three other nations. That seems odd, but again, it is early days, and maybe this is just the starting point for the new program.

Either way, it adds another means to make direct income from your Snapchat creations. It could also help you build your profile and maximize your presence in the app.

Snap is also taking note of the commercial opportunities of its AR offerings over the past five years. Snapchat has enabled its AR community to build Lenses for brands and partners.

It is also experimenting with creating Lenses with digital goods and exploring the future of AR today through the GHOST Innovation Lab and Spectacles Creator program.

Snapchat offers a new way for AR creators to release new creative possibilities and grow their businesses.

Indeed, Snap’s AR creator community has facilitated the release of more than 3 million Lenses. It has been viewed by Snapchat users over 5 trillion times.

It is a valuable and viable pathway for Snap to increase its relevance. It will make sure that it remains a leader in the AR space.

Snap is also looking to expand its AR tools into other apps through its ARES initiative. The opportunities are significant for rising developers and hobbyists.

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