Performance Based Digital Marketing Company/Agency in India
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Performance Based Digital Marketing Company/Agency in Bhubaneswar, India


Looking for a performance based digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar, India? Did you compromise the quality of work for an affordable budget? If your answer is “yes” then worry not. 

Digital Ratha is a well-experienced performance marketing team who provides various services at an affordable price range without compromising the quality of work. We have a result-oriented approach that provides results beyond the client’s expectations. Our team provides hand-holding support in your journey with us. 

The company works with 100+ clients from different industries and utilizes various digital mediums to boost their ROI, conversion, and leads. Our team’s primary goal is to provide quality services that help our clients to achieve their business goals.   

As a professional performance based digital marketing agency we develop a technique that combines marketing funnels and modern ideas to maximize marketing efforts. It is a part of digital marketing that focuses on results. Unlike digital marketing here we get paid based on the result we are providing.

Looking for a performance based digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar, India

Digital Ratha is the best performance based digital marketing agency that helps all sizes of businesses to grow. We follow a result oriented approach to increase your website traffic, more conversion, leads, and boost your return on investment. 

It’s completely the opposite of traditional marketing. Our team uses advanced analytic tools to collect detailed insights and optimise your marketing campaigns accordingly to maximise the outcomes. 

We follow a proven marketing strategy that works for all digital mediums to achieve your tangible goals. The benefits you will get after connecting with Digital Ratha:

  1. As one of the best performance marketing agency in India we help numerous small and medium size businesses to grow their businesses and convert them to a brand. 
  2. We understand that many small businesses can’t afford to hire a performance marketing agency. To help them we provide services at a reasonable price without compromising the quality. 
  3. Our team has years of experience and helps many brands to achieve their objectives. 
  4. We develop a strategy that works for every industry and any size businesses of business (small business to large size business). We also utilize various digital mediums to achieve tangible results such as more leads, conversion, traffic, etc.
  5. We have a well-experienced performance marketing team who help numerous businesses to grow. Each of the team members acquires a special set of skills and plays an essential important role in our client growth. 
  6. We have a team who are always there to support you as well as analyze your problems and make strategies to resolve them. 
  7. Hiring performance marketing has numerous benefits for your business. By utilizing a performance marketing strategy you can reach your targeted audience effectively, with more traffic, leads, conversions, etc.
  8. We help many different industries to grow their businesses and achieve their objectives. 

Why Choose Our Performance based
digital marketing agency in India?

Digital Ratha is an experienced performance based digital marketing company in Bhubaneswar. We have a professional team who work closely with you to provide satisfied results you are looking for. Our certified professional team follows a result-oriented data-driven approach to growing your businesses. Our company is also ISO certified by the Indian government so you can trust us. 

Guaranteed Results

Digital Ratha has a proven track record of generating 100000+ leads for various clients across industries. Our team helps 100+ clients to achieve their business goals like boosting ROI, brand awareness, sales, conversion rates, etc.

Affordable Price

Worried about the price? We understand small businesses can’t afford to hire a performance marketing agency. We offer the best solutions to take your business to the next level at an affordable price range.

Years of experience

We have 5+ years of experience and work with 100+ clients. Our clients rated us 4.9 on Google reviews because of the result we delivered within the time limit.

Data-driven strategy

Our team believes that each business is unique so we develop a customised solution to tackle our client's problems. Digital Ratha has a dedicated team who closely grows and monitors your business.

Team of experienced professionals

Digital Ratha has a professional and dedicated team who closely monitors your business. If you are facing any issues or have some concerns they will sort it out as per your requirements.

As performance based digital marketing agency, we produce results

As a performance based digital marketing company, we follow a data-driven methodology and strategic approach that provides outstanding results that surpass our client expectations.

We implement various strategies to increase your website traffic, engagement, and conversion rate. We also use various channels and tools to maximize the outcomes. 

Our team will test and improve your ad campaigns to boost your return on investment. We regularly monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs), including return on ad spend and cost per acquisition (CPA).

By utilising analytics tools to collect valuable data on ad campaign performance. That makes it easier for us to make data-driven decisions and drive the growth of your business. 

Our track record of producing exceptional results showcases our dedication to delivering measurable success in the dynamic field of performance marketing.

Affordable Performance Based Digital Marketing Companyin Bhubaneswar, India

Are you looking for an affordable performance-based digital marketing agency? If your answer is “yes” then we can help you achieve your business objectives. There are hundreds or more performance marketing companies and still many business owners choose us. We offer performance marketing services at affordable price without compromising the quality.

How we provide affordable performance marketing solutions.

Our industry experts know how to generate ROI with a minimum amount of money and get maximum results for their client business. We optimized more than ten thousand campaigns and know very well which strategy generates maximum profit with a minimum spend. That’s why we produce maximum results at a minimum price.

Here we will discuss the benefits of hiring an affordable performance marketing company.

Our Performance Marketing Process

In this modern era, the internet changed how consumers consume content and buy products. Now, performance marketing has become a powerful tool that can maximize your measurable outcomes and ROI. 

Here we will discuss as a performance marketing agency in India what are the key steps we follow to drive success for clients.

Step 1: Establish your campaign goal

Our team works closely with you to understand your goals and objectives such as more sales, leads, and conversions. Accordingly, we make plans and design campaigns to drive tangible results.   

Step 2: Market Research and Analysis

Our Digital Ratha team utilizes advanced analytic tools to collect valuable insights such as who is your target audience, what are the current market trends, and what strategies competitors are using. By utilizing the data we optimize your campaign to maximize the result.

Step 3: Define Target Audience

Defining the target audience is one of the crucial parts of the performance marketing strategy. Our team conducts research and uses advanced analytic tools to identify the target audience, engage with them and later convert them.

Step 4: Choose your digital channel

Before starting your campaign our team conducts various research and experiments on various digital mediums. We leverage the data and then target the right audience to maximize the result. We follow up a pay-for-performance business model that is cost-effective and ensure accountability to achieve your objectives.

Step 5: Create Ad Content

We have a professional content writer team to create compelling content that grabs the audience’s attention and lures them to make the conversion. They can create eye-catching social media ad content and landing page copy to maximize the outcomes.

Step 6: Launch the campaign

Our team conducts various research and analysis to find the right platforms and audience now, we launch the campaign. It’s a strategic move we implemented to achieve your marketing goals such as more conversions, better engagement, and boost ROI.

Step 7: Track Performance

Our team uses advanced analytics tools to track your campaign performance. We constantly monitor key performance reports and that allows us to make data-backed decisions, optimize strategies, and improve your campaign to drive tangible results.

Step 8: Optimise and Improving Campaign

Our team constantly monitors your campaign performance and by utilizing the data to optimize and improve your campaign to maximize the outcomes.

Step 9: Reporting and communicating

Our team makes sure that the data and reports we share are detailed and transparent. In the reports, you can find key performance metrics and ROI that we utilize to measure the campaign’s success. 

Benefits of Choosing a performance baseddigital marketing company?

If you are running a small business then this marketing strategy is more suitable for you compared to traditional marketing strategy. Here you only for the result you achieved.

Budget Friendly

Right now you might be aware of what performance marketing is all about now, let’s learn some benefits of choosing a performance marketing agency in India. 

As a performance based digital marketing company, we work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives. Our team will use advanced techniques to analyze and then optimize your marketing campaign to achieve your business goals within a limited budget.

Better Faster Results

As a performance marketing company in India we spend a minimal amount of money to achieve tangible results (more leads, conversions, trafics, and many more) in a short period of time. If you hire an agency then you only pay for the result you have achieved.

Low Risk

In performance marketing strategy has less risk if we compare to other marketing strategies. Here you will pay for the results you achieved through various digital mediums.


We use various advanced analytic tools to track real time performance results so you will know which goals have been achieved. We also provide reports on how many consumers click on the ad, leads, conversions, and other metrics.

Types of BusinessWe Served

Digital Ratha works with numerous industries across India.

  • Our team promotes spa businesses to increase brand awareness, and generate leads to grow their businesses.
  • Our team works closely with doctors and dentists to grow their businesses by increasing their brand awareness, generating leads, SEO, and social media marketing to grow their business.
  • Recently we work with various local restaurants to generate leads and increase their brand awareness.
  • The team works closely with many cafes to boost their ROI and handle their social media.
  • We also work with many e-commerce businesses to grow their business organically and boost their sales.
  • Besides all these, we also work with other businesses like event management companies, studios, production houses, and many more.

Why is a performance based digital marketing companyImportant for Your Business?

In this digital era, performance marketing became an essential part to grow businesses. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a performance-based digital marketing agency.

  • Performance marketing enables you to optimize your ad campaigns in real-time and maximize your return on investment.
  • In performance marketing, you only pay when you get satisfactory results. You can control your marketing budget and allocate the resources to channels that deliver the best results.
  • It eliminates wasteful spending and allows for continuous optimization, ensuring that your marketing efforts generate tangible returns.
  • Performance marketing is highly scalable, allowing you to ramp up or down your campaigns based on demand, seasonality, or other factors.
  • Compare to other marketing strategy hire a performance marketing agency is less risky because here you are paying after getting the results.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is a part of digital marketing strategy. They only get paid when specific goals achieved. Here marketers use various digital mediums to achieve desired marketing goals such as more conversions, leads, sales, and ROI. 

 In performance marketing payment structure is based on the cost per acquisition and cost per action. And marketers pay when you get the desirable outcomes. 

Here marketers can accurately track and measure the results of a performance marketing campaign. By using advanced analytic tools they can monitor key performance indicators such as marketing campaign detailed insights and user behavior. 

Performance marketing campaigns are optimized to drive maximum outcomes. Marketers continuously monitor your performance and optimise it accordingly.

Marketers continuously monitor your campaign and optimize it to drive results. They also experiment with various mediums and strategies to find out the most effective methods.

How does a performance baseddigital marketing agency work?

Performance marketers run ads on various digital mediums which we discussed below and they pay based on the result they are getting from the campaign.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

This marketing strategy is kind of similar to affiliate marketing. Here marketers pay for a sale.

Cost for Leads (CPL)

When a customer sign-up for a something like newsletter or email then marketers pay a certain amount.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

CPA is also kind of similar to CPL here marketers pay when consumers take specific actions.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

In this strategy, marketers pay based on the click they are getting from the ad campaign. It is the best strategy to drive traffic to your website.

Cost Per Impression (CPI)

In this strategy, marketers pay for the views, and per thousand views they pay a certain amount (ad fees vary on the platform).

Types ofPerformance-Based Marketing?

Performance marketing is categorized into various types based on the result and digital mediums that a performance based digital marketing company used.

Based on the Result

It is divided into two types.

  1. Global-based campaigns: a marketer set a goal and then run ad campaigns to achieve a certain number of sales, leads, and conversions.
  2. Action-based campaigns: a marketer pay when consumers take a certain action such as clicking to sign up for email, newsletter, etc.
  3. Acquisition campaign: a marketer spend on banner ads, paid search, and social media advertising to reach more consumers. 
  4. Engagement campaigns: a marketer use social media marketing and email marketing to engage with existing customers.
  5. Conversion campaigns: a marketer pay a certain amount when consumers make a purchase or lead. 
Based on Digital Mediums
  • Search performance marketing: marketers run ads on search engines to drive traffic to the website.
  • Social media marketing: in the social media performance marketing strategy, marketers pay a certain amount to run ads on various social media platforms. The primary goal of this ad is to engage with the audience.
  • Email performance marketing: the primary goal of this marketing strategy is the audience can interact with the brands by clicking on the emails.

Top Performance Marketing Channels

Performance based digital marketing company utilizes various marketing channels to drive tangible results and achieve marketing objectives.

Search Engine Markeitng

Now search engines became a go-to place for 70% of internet users and that is one of the reasons we use this medium to maximize the outcomes. As the best performance based digital marketing agency we conduct in-depth keyword research to reach the right audience and achieve the business objectives.

Social Media

Each social platform has billions of active users and for us, it is the most effective digital medium to achieve business goals. Our team conducts research to understand your audience and competitors then implements strategies to maximize the outcomes.

Content Marketing

As per our team content marketing is the most effective and generates three times more results if we compare it with other marketing channels. By utilizing this medium we educate your audience base. For example, tell them why they need your products or services, and what benefits customers will get from you. 

Influencer Marketing

We work with many content creators and influencers to achieve desirable results such as more sales, leads, conversions, and many more. In influencer marketing, we utilize all the channels to maximize the outcomes.

Banner Ads

We run display ads on highly authoritative web pages, apps, and social media to maximize the outcomes. As per the trend and client’s requirements, we put images or videos.

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