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Website Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization

Enhance your site’s user experience and ranking by increasing your website speed. You only have 5 seconds to retain your viewers on your website, if it takes any more time to load there is a good chance you will lose your visitors, conversion and possibly sales.

At Digital Rath our development team is well-versed with optimised development processes which will make your website load faster even during peak traffic hours. Faster websites are appreciated by viewers and search engines alike. If your website is plagued with files and images that slows it down, we can design a website from scratch without that load faster without losing its aesthetics of search engine friendliness.

Website speed optimisation is a strategy which is often overlooked but is crucial to make your website SEO friendly. Without making your website load quickly for your users your site will more likely lose conversion and traffic. More than 50% of web users will not wait even more than three seconds for a page to load before bouncing to another site.

Digital Ratha will design your website to give optimum user experience by optimising the website’s loading speed which will improve your SEO rankings which will impact your lead generation and conversion. Our website speed optimization implementation will decrease bounce rate and extend user browsing time on the page. You’ll also see an increase in conversions and revenue year over year.

Website Speed Optimization

Benefits of site speed optimization

Google considers page speed as a ranking factor which makes it crucial for businesses to optimise their website. When your site loads quickly for users you will have a better chance at ranking higher by providing a satisfactory user experience.

Fast loading page provides users with instant gratification which prompts them to stay on your site for longer as they get what they were looking for without waiting.

Slower loading speed is one of the primary reasons for users to bounce to a competitor’s website. When your website loads quickly the bounce rate will decrease thereby increasing your site’s ranking and moreover retain potential leads which you could have lost if users bounced away.

  • Increased leads, conversion and sales: Ranking higher impacts your website’s ranking which impacts your traffic, which will lead to more customers and therefore revenue.

Top Factors of Page Load Speed

One of the most common factors that affect page load speed is sloppy HTML coding. HTML is a markup language suggesting that its codes give the website its appearance. The code consists of tags that tell the page how to work and what to do. In order for pages to load quickly, it is important that the code is optimised: there should be no extra tags and everything else is referenced properly.

Graphics and images take up a big chunk of the website; when these images and graphics, having high file size, are integrated into the website they take time to load. Huge high-resolution photos are one of the biggest causes of slow-loading pages; by reducing their file size using file compression you can add them to the site pages so that they don’t take up too much space nor time to load.

Redirecting a page is done when you want to link an old page to a new one. Having a couple of redirects doesn’t affect the website loading speed but having too many redirects code within the .htaccess file makes the website sluggish as it takes time for the site to refer to the .htaccess file to find the new location of the redirected link.

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