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Meta Reveals the Updated Facebook Logo Design and In-App Color

Meta Reveals the Updated Facebook Logo Design and In-App Color

Have you noticed a slight change to the Facebook app logo this week?  

It is fairly subtle, and it is not like there has been a drastic shift, but the “F” icon is now a deeper shade of blue and slightly bigger.

Yes, your guess is right. Facebook is undergoing a re-brand, which also means that Meta has provided a long-winded and lore-filled tale as to how and why these pretty minute changes are happening.

What does Meta say about these new changes?

Meta says that they are continuing with their evolution as an app and a brand. Meta is excited to launch the first phase of a refreshed identity system for Facebook, with a focus on fostering effortless, self-initiated exploration and connection across every touch point.

Yeah, it means that there is no change to the way anything works. A couple of parts look a bit different. But, sure, effortless exploration. Let’s go with that.

Meta actually says that there were three key drivers behind its new design:

The accessibility element is the only real point of value here, with the new Facebook logo now taking on a more solid and comprehensible feel.

But the unnecessarily verbose descriptions are always pretty hilarious.

What’s more, Meta says about its new changes?

 Here, the Meta intended to create a refreshed design of the Facebook logo that was bolder, electric and everlasting.

Each of the distinctive and new refinements drives greater harmony across the entire design as a key element of the app’s identity.

We have done this by incorporating a more confident expression of Facebook’s core blue colour that is built to be more visually accessible in our app and provides stronger contrast for the “f” to stand apart.”

Yep. That.

In addition to the main logo update, Facebook also now has a new colour palette. At the same time, it has also updated its reaction emojis to evoke more dimensionality and emotion.

So, if parts of Facebook seem bluer or look a little different, then they probably are, with Meta rolling out these new updates over the coming months.

So it is not just you. You are eyes are not going funny, and Facebook does look a little different. It is also worth noting for your website displays and future logo usage.

Where can you read more redesign notes on Facebook?

You can read more of Facebook’s redesign notes here.

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