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Meta is Partnering with NBA and WNBA for Broadcasting Games in VR

For some, measuring the potential of Meta’s metaverse push is difficult because most of its VR content is restricted. Moreover, it is also limited in exactly what it can do at this stage.

Today, Meta has announced a new partnership with the NBA and WNBA. Because of this partnership, we can watch more than 50 games broadcast within its VR environment, including five in immersive, 180-degree VR.

According to Meta, five games will feature celebrity broadcasters and be shown in 180-degree immersive VR, and WNBA games, NBA G League Games and NBA 2K League Games will also be available to watch.

Moreover, in Meta Horizon Worlds, you can access game highlights, recaps and archival content. For an NBA fan, it sounds cool.

But for most games, it won’t be fully immersive VR, but it will be the real lure. The VR experience of watching these sports will stimulate any person at the actual game.

But here, the catch is that this facility is impossible for people outside the US. Hence, it would help if you lived inside the US as a US citizen to enjoy this facility.

It would be even better if all these games here get broadcast in 180 Degree or 360-degree VR. Hence, you will be enjoying a full-stadium experience.

But they are not because there is an actual range of restrictions on this content:-
1) XTADIUM is a platform where the games are broadcasted in VR and only available in the US.

2) Meta Horizon Worlds is available in the US, Canada, The UK, Iceland, Ireland, France and Spain.

3) On top of all that, due to Geo-restrictions, a lot of this content will not be available in some regions.

Hence, the only way to get the best version of this experience is to be in the US, where you can easily attend these matches.

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