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Meta Announces Initial Launch of Threads Web App

Meta Announces Initial Launch of Threads Web App

Could this be the update that sees Threads that can reignite its huge early interest?

Meta has announced that a Threads web app is being rolled out to users this week. It will provide a means to view, post, and engage with Threads posts from your desktop PC.

If Threads for Web is available, you will see new log-in info on the main screen in this link.

Once logged in, access the main Threads feed and post to the app.

What are the functions of the current version of the app?

The app’s current version, which has been tested over the past few weeks, is currently limited in functionality, with no search or post-scheduling features available in the initial building.

But those are coming as Meta looks to capitalize on the opportunity created by Elon Musk’s various changes at Twitter/X. It saw Threads gain 100 million members in record time when it launched early last month.

It is why social media analysts are still keeping a close eye on Threads, even though its usage has declined significantly recently.

The initial interest in the app shows a significant desire for a viable Twitter alternative, suggesting that opportunity remains for Threads if Meta can get it right.

The addition of a web app is big in this regard because among the key early adopters of the app have been journalists, a group of professionals that Elon regularly criticizes via his X posts.

It is alienated as a key content-producing segment. If more journalists post exclusive content on Threads instead, it will spark a bigger user migration away from X. You can see Threads become a significant competitor for the app.

The lack of a desktop posting process has been a deterrent as journalists have been unable, thus far, to keep an active Threads window open to monitor activity or post to the app as they manage their other platforms.

Businesses, too, have been limited in this respect, which is why this could be a key development and reignite interest in the app.

Do you think that simplified Threads account creation flow is linked to people’s Instagram accounts?

Users will eventually discover if the simplified Threads account creation flow is linked to people’s Instagram accounts. Users will also figure out whether it was the secret sauce to its rapid rise or not shortly.

People just created a profile because they could but will not return to the app.

It is still too early to tell what that initial interest meant, but as more functionality and options are added, we will discover whether Threads is legitimate.

Or, if it was just a random blip, that will eventually get shut down like Meta’s previous Threads app.

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Threads web app on Threads, with an early image mock-up of himself working on the first version of Facebook.

The fact that Zuckerberg remains invested in the project is also a good indicator of Meta’s belief in the app.

It is based on the initial response, but this could be fueled by Zuckerberg’s budding rivalry with Musk and his desire to make Threads real.

Do you think that Meta’s Threads will actually work?

We have no idea if Threads will actually work or if it will fall flat. But we will find out if it is with enhanced functional options that could facilitate more usage and bring more people to the app.

When the Threads Web App is being rolled out?

The Threads web app is being rolled out this week. When you get access, you’ll be able to log in here.

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