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Maximizing Your Earnings with YouTube's Display Options

Maximizing Your Earnings with YouTube’s Display Options

Explain everything about YouTube’s New Display Options for Affiliate products.

YouTube is rolling out some new options for affiliate marketing deals ahead of the holiday shopping push. It includes product time stamps in clips, bulk tagging for affiliate products, and new insights into sponsored mention performance.

First off, on timestamps in clips. YouTube is adding the ability to timestamp specific product displays within your videos so viewers can more easily skip to the relevant segment.

The process will provide more specific matching and display within the playback while also helping to guide users to relevant discussion.

What does YouTube say about it?

“Add timestamps to your tagged products to more prominently showcase a specific effect on screen at the right time!

The shopping button will appear at relevant points in your video, like that close-up shot of your favorite tech gadget or makeup kit you are reviewing.

It makes your content more helpful for fans and can increase engagement with your tagged products.

It is a more responsive way to show off each product. It also drives better response.

YouTube says that in testing, viewers who saw tagged videos with timestamps clicked on labeled products twice as often as videos without the markers.

In addition, YouTube is also adding the ability to tag affiliate products across your video library in bulk based on products you have added to the description.

That effectively means that you will be able to monetize future mentions of said product and past mentions that you have also included in your videos.

It could expand your revenue potential for affiliate deals, and it depends on traffic to your older content.

Finally, YouTube adds new insights to Studio Analytics, displaying which affiliate products drive the most revenue for your channel.

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching, and YouTube hasn’t yet been able to drive significant in-stream shopping behavior.

Its additional product display and affiliate marketing tools provide more revenue potential for creators. It can be a significant consideration in this period.

For brands, it can also provide another way to reach dedicated audiences of specific YouTube channels, with endorsed deals through partnerships with relevant creators.

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